Kevin McCarthy: Pelosi is Trying to Block Bernie Sanders’ Nomination

CTH: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appears on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the current status of Speaker Pelosi’s fraudulent impeachment effort.  Leader McCarthy emphasizes his claim that Pelosi’s intention is to block Bernie Sanders from achieving the democrat party presidential nomination.

However, there’s no rule that requires Senator Sanders to participate.  If Bernie Sanders wants to stay on the campaign trail while a senate impeachment trial is ongoing, he can. WATCH:

8 Comments on Kevin McCarthy: Pelosi is Trying to Block Bernie Sanders’ Nomination

  1. doesn’t one have to be present during the whole trial to vote on the verdict?

    … or did I hear/read that rule incorrectly?

    (they are basically the jury … they should be required to be present … all the time)

  2. A. Mr. 19% will never win the nomination. Not even Dems have that much support for socialism.
    B. He still hasn’t registered as a Democrat, has he?
    C. Trump wins regardless. Of anything the Dems do.

  3. Well color me so surprised.
    Democrat’s cheating again.
    Bernie got his millions last time.
    He gets no more, you have to pay for your 4th house on your own.
    So say the Supper Democrat’s. Just watch they will screw him again.
    I for one want him to win just to watch him get ripped apart by P. Trump.

  4. found something: “The Senate may direct the Sergeant at Arms to request and subsequently to compel the attendance of the absent Senators”

    although the rules also state that it takes 2/3rd majority of Senators present to convict

  5. Shouldn’t any democrat senator who has been openly critical of the President be required to recuse themselves from voting on impeachment?

  6. BS isn’t a Demonrat.
    So – just tell him to fuck off.

    He can run for the nomination of his own party – the Socialist Party.
    Who is the CPUSA putting up this year?
    He could also run as an Alaska, Maine, or Utah Republican.

    izlamo delenda est …


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