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Lawyers Say This Bumper Sticker is Protected Free Speech


Video here where the legal eagles say that this is protected speech

I can think of a few “Shoot a ________” bumper stickers that would suddenly not be “free speech.”

a president.

a first lady.

a Muslim.

a homosexual.

a transgender.

Somehow I think these bumper stickers would be getting more airtime on the news than the one pictured.

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  1. A message to every cop on the road: Watch every move I make and club the shit out of me if I ever mouth off or look at you cross eyed. If you have to shoot, make sure you kill me dead.

    Fuckin genius. /s. But apparently allowed? This craziness … , it’s getting worse every day.

    Shoot a moslem/communist/homosexual/community organizer with the initials BH0.

  2. Sorry, phrase is inciting 1st Degree murder, i hardly think that falls under free speech.
    Can’t yell fire in a theater.

    Also, if the person truly believed in free speech, why is the plate blurred.

  3. The plate’s not completely blurred, it’s a Virginia tag. Narrows it down.
    The first amendment only protects a person from the government, not from incensed citizens. I suspect that Beemer will have a few bullet holes in it before long.

  4. Shoot a commie. That pretty much covers it all.
    And was my primary motivation for joining the military.
    Never did get the chance though, being a “Tweener.”

  5. And when the good liberal, anti Second Amendment, lawyer is confronted by an Obama son with a stolen weapon, he can call the president, a first lady, a muslim, a homo, a transgender, or a reporter.

  6. Ever think that maybe, just maybe somebody who didn’t like the owner of the BMW put it on the car just to get some payback! Who would be stupid enough to hand print one with marker on tape and then put said sticker on their own car??? Good grief.

  7. Yes I did, but then I thought, “Who would be stupid enough to leave such a sign on their car and continue to drive around with it, aggravating people and having pictures taken of it?” Even if somehow the owner didn’t notice the sign, someone would have commented on it to them. Probably a cop, too.

    : )

  8. Kind of go along with this. Nobody dumb enough to do it to his own car would be driving a BMW.

  9. Mysteryboobie, apparently ya’ll are not familiar with the “Middle Class Leftist Youth”. The kids of the late Boomers and the Hippies. The rich little snot nosed brats who live in the 1/2 million/ million dollar gated communities like “Hope Valley” in Durham, who run around dressed and smelling like they’re actual 60’s hippies and espouse their parents’ former ideology of “Yeah, Communism man!”, while high as a kite on Ecstasy and $20 per gram “kind bud”! This is a sizable chunk of the OFA army of White folks! That’s EXACTLY the kind of thing somebody who drives a Beemer would do to their own car… Because if their daddy isn’t a lawyer, he can damn well afford one (or 5) to get junior out of any trouble he might get into and then sue the shit out of the PD and the city for daring to harass his precious little snowflake!

  10. Well, I guess I’m doomed to be on Fur’s shit list today, but that list plain reeks of PC. Which seems somewhat hypocritical considering the contempt we’ve all expressed toward the outlets who capitulated so ironically and ludicrously in regards to the “Draw Mahummer” “controversy”. To me the list says, “I better leave off the most obvious and relevant example, because somebody could deliberately misconstrue the context and intent of the post and feign offense in order to accuse the sight and score political points…”
    It’s a touchy situation, especially in light of the stupid racist fuckwad who callously murdered several innocent people 2 days ago just because they were black and they were there when he chose to heed Satan’s lie that he had the power to destroy Life. Fortunately for the victims, neither “Hate-Boy” nor Satan have the power to create life nor to destroy it. To be absent from the body is to be present with Christ!
    Now I’ve gotten all off the subject, and almost forgot the point I was intending to make. The most obvious example of the hypocrisy of the Left, with regards to “Free Speech” would be if someone had a bumper sticker that read, “Shoot a Nigger”. At least the list didn’t include a “Shoot a(n) N-word”, which would have just been wrong and offensive all the way around!!! I just find it distasteful to avoid stating the most basic and obvious truth simply to avoid having that truth and its positive effects attacked by lying liars!!!

    (stepping down off my soap box now)

  11. But it doesn’t matter. The point is these lawyers said it was protected speech, whether put on there purposely or by prankster.

  12. So money confers intelligence these days? Wow – Michael Bloomberg must be a friggin’ GENIUS.

    : )

  13. How can you be on my shit list if I can’t even understand your argument?
    Are you saying that the Muhammad contest included pictures with the message “Shoot a Muslim” ?

    It didn’t, and it wouldn’t.

    It’s illegal to murder, and in my opinion any bumper sticker that commands people to murder someone – like a cop, a president, a Muslim, a homosexual – should be illegal.
    Manson is in jail for life and he never killed anyone.

  14. I think what he was referring to was the fact that the list didn’t include the phrase “Shoot a nagger”. However, that would incite too many husbands to murder their wives.


  15. I told you I didn’t understand the argument.
    So now I’m being called out because in my list of potential bumper stickers, ones that I’m certain the left wouldn’t support as a 1st amendment right, I omitted one?
    I should have included every possible bumper sticker the left would cry foul over?
    What’s the point of that?

    I don’t think it’s a 1st amendment right to say “Shoot a (fill in your own blank with a human being that America is not formally at war with).”
    The point of the article is that the left suddenly thinks “shoot a cop” is covered under 1A.

    I see now that Racist is saying that “shoot a black” was an obvious bumper sticker that I missed, and for, I guess, suspicious reasons.

    It’s probably because the bumper sticker didn’t say “Shoot a White Cop.”
    Then the opposite side of the coin would have been obvious.

  16. “legal eagles say that this is protected speech”

    So, if the bumper sticker had replaced ‘a Cop’ with ‘the President’, the FBI, Secret Service, etc. wouldn’t be storming down your door to throw you in the slammer for life? You know you would be toast because you threatened the President.

    So, which is it … Protected Speech or not? Or just for certain people?

    And who decides?

  17. “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech …”

    So, technically, it may not violate the 1st Amendment, but it may violate some state, county, or district law/ordinance which prohibits incitement to violence.

  18. That’s been my only point-
    selective outrage.

    Personally, I don’t think people have the right to command others to SHOOT A COP, just as I don’t think Islam has the right to put on twitter KILL PAMELA GELLER, certainly not without the people posting it being culpable if someone listens to their commands.

    If you don’t agree then Charles Manson shouldn’t be in jail.

  19. The people in power decide.

    Rule of Law, Common Sense, Constitution, mean nothing.

    “The strong do what they will;

    The weak suffer what they must.”

  20. I didn’t mean to imply that his complaint had any validity. I was just being silly with the idea of it, that’s all. Making a joke.

    : )

  21. Long as it’s not “Shoot a Vice Presidunce,” I’m OK with it.

    Does it have to be job-related?

    Shoot a Cop – but not any particular cop?
    Shoot a Teacher?
    Shoot a Lawyer?
    Shoot a Politician?
    Shoot a President?
    Shoot a Senator?
    Shoot a Electrician?
    Shoot a Woodworker?

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