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I Was An American

Today, I will not be speaking with customer service without first being asked what language I speak.

Today, I am not sure I can fly the American flag on my house without being thought of as an extremist.

Today, I will not be asked for identification before I vote.

Today, I will not be safe from the IRS because of my political beliefs.

Today, I will not be assuming my country’s border is secure.

Today, I will be guilty of a laundry list of “isms” simply because I exist.

Today, I will not bite my pop tart into the shape of a gun.

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reader updates-

Today I will be forced to participate in a LGBT pagan festival for fear of losing my business if I don’t.

Today, I will not assume my child would learn the words to ‘The Pledge of Allegiance’ in school.

Today I will not assume that we are one nation (under God).

Today I do not believe Congress is the the voice of the people.

Today, I will have my possessions and assets seized without ever being charged with a crime.

Today I will be blamed for the sun melting a glacier.

Today, I will hide behind an avatar and screen name to speak what I truly believe for fear of losing my job.





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  1. Today, I will not keep my doctor or my healthcare and I won’t enjoy the cheaper pre-obama prices of health insurance. (And they can shove their unaffordable care circus act up their koran holes, and the fines too)

  2. Today I will be forced to participate in a LGBT pagan festival for fear of losing my business if I don’t.

  3. Today I will pay $190 for a vial of insulin because someone who is in this country illegally is getting it for free off my back.

    [Fuck you all in congress and 0bama, btw.]

  4. Today I will pay the first installment for my son’s next college year at a ridiculously inflated price so not only him but several others (illegals?) can attend on our college fund money that we scrimped and saved (1 vacation a year, driving 10 year old cars, dining in, etc) for the last 20 years.

  5. Today I will not withdraw a significant amount of my hard earned money from my bank for fear of being reported to the government and having it confiscated.

  6. Today, I will continue to ask for strength, courage, boldness, and a fearlessness so that perhaps one day I can make a small difference to help beat back this attack on all that makes America great and that a remnant of her blessed people will rise and righteously rule once again from this ash heap…

  7. “Today, I will not be asked for identification before I vote.”

    You will around here. But everybody knows we’re sort of backwards here in Georgia.

  8. I still am an American, always have been and always will be no matter what the secular progtards try to do to my still great country. I refuse to believe their nonsense but I still pray that God will bring us back to our senses so that we can end this madness that has plagued this country since the late 60’s. There is no other way out of this, we need another Great Awakening as has happened in our history before calamitous events like the American Revolution, the Civil War etc.

  9. Today; I will not whistle Dixie for it may offend.

    I will loose 22% of my check for my neighbor’s rent & food.

    I will be told if I watch a certain news channel that I’m racist.

    I will pay an extra 3% in a purchase do to product loss due to where I live.

    I will say please & thank you even though I know that I will not be a recipient.

    I will explain, again, why America is the greatest nation to ever exist.

    I will not punch someone in the face that needs punching.

  10. Today I will lose.my job because I called a man wearing make-up a man.
    Today I will lose my business for following my religion.
    Today I will be blamed for people I dont even.know killing each other because of my skin color.
    Today I will be blamed for the Sun melting a glacier.
    Today I will,at some point, say the words “what is wrong with people these days?”
    Today I still live in the best country on Earth.

  11. Today I again risk losing my guns because of another persons
    actions, but not my car because a drunk killed someone while driving.

  12. Today I will pray at the altar of Globaloney Warming.
    Today I will happily allow perverts to fornicate my ass.
    Today I will goose step to Obola’s drum.
    Today I will donate to the Clinton Foundation.
    Today I will be ashamed that I am Caucusoid.
    Today I will pimp out my neighbors to the EPA.
    Today I will kill a cop.

    Today I will be a card-carrying Demonrat.

    Tomorrow I will be a Professor at a prestigious University.

  13. Today, the DOE will hound me for a student debt that the US Army agreed, in writing, to repay but didn’t

    Today, I will go to my Congressman to seek protection from the DOE’s illegal acts

    Today, as in several previous todays, the DOE will respond to my airtight legal arguments with irrelevant nonsense and continue harassing me, even though the resources it expended to do this were far greater than the amount ($1900) it was seeking

    Today the IRS will seize my tax refund to satisfy DOE’s demand for repayment of a debt that is, by contract, the obligation of the US Army

    Today, I paid off a debt that was someone else’s obligation because I realized I have no civil rights anymore

    (OK, it didn’t happen TODAY (lol), but everything I described actually happened to me)

  14. Today I will be censored on “The Guardian” and other lib sites for simply citing statistics identifying the race of murderers in America.

  15. Today I will not shout “Stop that man!” after witnessing a crime because I don’t want to initiate a micro-agression on the perpetrator.

  16. Today I will be called a retard, a womyn-hater, a pawn of the Catholic Church, and worse when I speak up for the rights of the unborn by voicing my dismay over abortion on demand.

    Today I will also be called a racist when I say that my country should only welcome immigrants that have been properly screened for communicable disease and criminal history.

    Today I won’t dare say a word against the Obamas–even though Barack is the worst president in my lifetime and Michelle is a vulgar, gauche cow–in my workplace, where most of my colleagues are lofo/mofo types and they already think I be rayciss.

  17. Today, I will hide behind an avatar and screen name to speak what I truly believe for fear of losing my job or getting on NSA’s hit list (ok, I’m already on that one).

    Today, I will drive my 15 year old car to keep from buying a new one with all the tracking devices on it (ok, I just can’t afford a replacement thanks to ObamaEconomics).

    Today, I will pray that God be merciful to us sinners and restore his justice in our land. Forgive us for letting him get pushed out of our country and help us to follow him.

    Today, I will fervently believe that God is in charge and our country is not lost. Not as long as I breathe and can pray.

  18. I honestly believe that anyone but the pesky trolls who have commented ever on IOTW are on some kind of govt. shit list. So be it, let it be a badge of honor to oppose these UNGODLY BASTARDS!

  19. Good God you would think we were outnumbered, out planned, and out maneuvered.
    Conservatives outnumber Dickweeds by a large margin, we have truth on our side, and the tools given us by our Wise Founders to fix this mess.
    If we fall it will be because of the laziness of the rank and file Conservatives, and the old fashioned Jack Kennedy Democrats that have lost control of their party.

    All they have is a microphone and a lack of shame.
    We have two turntables and a microphone
    Three Chords and the Truth
    Balls as big as Texas
    and most important
    All their Guns and Ammo are belong to us!

    Screw the Media, screw Barry the Traitor, screw all these filthy defilers of the one place on Earth where the air tastes like Freedom.
    Screw the Left and all their evil minions
    You can take my things
    You can jail me
    you can revile me,
    But you can only kill me once, and it will cost you dearly.

    I Piss on the Haters of America from a considerable height

  20. Today I will be thankful. Thankful that my days are numbered, thankful that I am not just starting out my life, and thankful that I will probably not be around to see what I
    am afraid may be in store for our country if things do not change in the very near future.

    : (

  21. today I will not believe anything I see hear or read from the government or main stream media.

  22. Today I will hope the standing water in front of my house evaporates before the EPA declares it a wetland.

  23. Today (and everyday) I will reflect upon my oath. An oath demands a higher standard than that of a mere promise; and I will maintain my oath so as to set an example to those who do not have the courage to do so. By that example, may I give them the resolve to do the same.

    Today will I reflect upon my great grandfathers; their service and belief in a cause for which they fought for 239 years ago, and of which I will maintain my oath in their honor.

    Today, I will continue to be a sheepdog and not give up.

    I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  24. Today I will pray no more innocents are beaten or slaughtered in the Democrats’ planned, agitated, facilitated and funded race war.

  25. Today I will go to work to help pay for the free stuff my govment gives to people from foreign lands who hate my guts.

    I do this because I’m a fooken eegit!

  26. Today I cannot befriend my next-door neighbors because they don’t speak English and they keep their distance.

    Today I could not water my plants enough to keep them alive for much longer (California).

    Today I gave up on ever being able to afford to buy my own house.

    Today I used a weak and expensive prescription inhaler for my asthma, because the strong one I used to buy off the shelf at the drugstore has been banned by the EPA.

    Today I am afraid of my conversations with other conservatives being overheard at work.

    Today I feel like my own government thinks of me as an enemy.

    Today I realized that nothing Man builds can last forever, even if it was something really good, because Man is a fallen creature and will mess it up. But God will always be there, no matter what else collapses around me.

  27. Today, I will paint my skin a different color and change my hair style to that of a race which I consider superior, I will go to work for an organization that is racist towards my original race, and I will denounce my parents and the skin color and race of my birth. I am an idiot progtard.

  28. Toady I took a leak out back and created a puddle.

    Now I have to keep peeing there because the EPA expects the puddle to remain forever.

  29. Toady should be an entirely different meme.

    Toady licks guarantee a breakout of warts.

    Toady was kissed, then he turned into a prince.

    Toady sure makes it look easy being green.

    Toady hates taking orders from Magneto.

    Toady didn’t take the news well when he found out his ride was shut down at Disney.

    Toady has no idea what a wet sprocket is.

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