Leader Of Satanic Temple Declares Members Mostly “LGBTQ”

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In an interview with the British magazine Attitude, Lucien Greaves, the co-founder of The Satanic Temple in the United States, says that “more than 50% of our membership is LGBTQ,” and that is a “conservative estimate.” More

15 Comments on Leader Of Satanic Temple Declares Members Mostly “LGBTQ”

  1. Gee Wally, imagine that, a puzzle piece that fits perfectly!
    Yeah Beave, not only that, but ya don’t see too many 12″ puzzle pieces either!

  2. …the only thing that would be LESS of a surprise, would be if they announced they were all Democrats, too…

  3. Degenerates love degeneracy. Of course a lot of dykes and faggots are Satan worshipers. It’s all hand in hand.

  4. Mentally ill people do mentally ill things.

    Imagine not believing in a Supreme Being, but believing in the Devil?

    We don’t call them ‘weirdos’ for nothing.

  5. This is so desperately sad.
    And the ‘co-leader’ of their sect- Good God, that fool must either believe whatever he THINKS the devil is gonna give him, or has no idea that he’s going to be eternal tormented and separated from all things good and pleasing. Utter FOOL.


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