Tall Tales with Joe Biden.

I think that Biden’s Afghanistan saga(s) call for an encore of the Obamas strip you did way back when.  Who knew you were psycho psychic? – GuvLawyer

You know, as I was watching Dopey Joe’s lies about his role as Vice President and the medals he’s awarded, I couldn’t help but think about this strip I created many years ago.

5 Comments on Tall Tales with Joe Biden.

  1. This cartoon has accurately captured ol’ Joey’s self image and legendary status in the cavernous regions of his mind.

  2. Once Jolting Joeyhe finally starts losing to the real crackpots, it’s going to be more fun than watching two circus trains crashing head on while they are crossing a high trestle that’s on fire with moderate votes jumping out of the Pullman Car windows. The Demographic-Socialist-Homosexualist-Transgendered Party is going to come apart at the overloaded seams once Our Joey can’t hold what’s left of the center together. It’s going to be a real spectacle.

  3. How could we ever forget the time he took anti-aircraft fire coming into Bosnia while aboard Air Force 2? Didn’t he win the Medal of Honor for it?

  4. Fur, you are still just as weird,wacky, and demented as always… I think that’s why I love this site.


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