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Leave It To Evers

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In one of the dumbest photo-ops of his executive tenure, Gov. Tony Evers’ is seen with Department of Transportation crews “fixing” potholes. As they “work,” the Democrat and his DOT Secretary-designee Craig Thompson appear to be breaking several workplace safety rules.

Fitting that the pictures and press release were sent on April Fool’s Day.

Evers and Thompson made three stops across the state on Thursday on “Pothole Patrol” to “repair potholes and discuss the governor’s Badger Bounceback agenda’s investments for local roads and highways,” according to the press release. They graced the highway crews with their presence in Chippewa Falls, Wausau, and Appleton, and spoke with local leaders about their communities’ needs. More

18 Comments on Leave It To Evers

  1. Nice photo ops just like Mayor Pete’s bike ride. All these democrats do is virtue signal and they don’t even do that effectively.

  2. There isn’t a single person who actually works on an asphalt crew in any of the photos. Not a one of them has any asphalt anywhere on their shoes or pant legs. More or less Village People wanna bees

  3. I’ve got three Friends in the Appleton area…I’m gonna dump this on Their FB

    Pages..They’re all Republicans…This’ll piss em off.

  4. Speechless.

    Idiocy such as this is not worthy of comment.
    Congratulations Wisconsin. You win today’s prize.

  5. Just like almost ANY politician with a shovel in their hand at a groundbreaking ceremony.
    We know you are useless, don’t pretend to be anything other.

  6. Probably complained to his boyfriend how sore his back was after all the “hard work.” Guarantee you he’s never worked a hard day in his life.

  7. Dan Ryan Galt – I’m just surprised that Evers has the physical strength to lift the end of a shovel. He personifies the 98 lb. weakling in the old Charles Atlas comic book ads of days gone by. If only someone would kick sand in Evers’ face, I’d be a happy Wisconsinite.


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