Leftwing in Maine Just Voted in Favor of Assisted Suicide


The liberal Democrat-led state senate in Maine voted to legalize assisted suicide last week, and the governor, also a Democrat, is deciding whether to sign it into law.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills has 10 days to sign the bill, which would permit doctors to prescribe a fatal dose of medication to “terminally ill” patients.

The House, also led by Democrats, passed the measure by one vote – 73-72. There is a chilling trend.

Seven other states have similar laws on the books labeled as “right to die” legislation.

I see nowhere in the United States Constitution where we have that right. I am aware of the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” but not the other.

The pro-death movement has been successful in playing on emotions and disguising its agenda as a motive to provide “death with dignity.”

Had we chosen to have a doctor come in and “help” my father pass, as Maine is proposing, we would have missed a beautiful death. That might sound odd, so let me explain.

A few days before my father died, he was awake in bed and talking and laughing. I thought he was making a rebound and might come home. The next day, he slipped into a coma.

My three brothers and I, along with our wives, all gathered in his room with my mother. The death watch was on. I remember when our pastor came to visit. We all gathered around Dad’s bed and softly sang some of his favorite hymns. Then miraculously, Dad opened his eyes for the first time in a couple of days, turned his head toward Mom, who was sitting there holding his hand, and with a single tear trickling down his face, he smiled and took his last breath.

It was a beautiful death.

Assisted suicide would have robbed all of us of that precious memory. My dad taught me how to die with dignity then and there.


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  1. The hypocrites in Augusta not only passed assisted suicide, they passed taxpayer funded abortions, abortions performed by people other than physicians, abortions for minor girls without parental permission or notification. They also passed harsher penalties for animal abuse. They passed a ban on minors using tanning beds.
    So, killing babies and adults is good. Hurting dogs and tanning bad.
    The are so screwed up. Many of tem are from out of state and moved here to get into politics.

  2. @Beachmom: LePage was written off as a crazy, right-wing, Trump-esque whacko. At least he kept the loonie lefties at bay for a few years. (My apologies to the real loons)

    You are right – Mass holes and other flatlanders (aka lowlifes) left their collapsing Lib-controlled states for a better life. They forgot to wipe the commie shit off their shoes before they got to Kittery.

    I’m in Arizona now and seeing the same trend – so many CA license plates. We even elected a carpet-munching, self-avowed socialist in Kyrsten Sinema. (Liz Warren without the pedigree)

  3. First things first: I disapprove of “assisted suicide” laws. If it’s assisted, it’s no longer simple suicide.

    But this writer’s piece is deeply flawed. It’s not that I disagree with his stance, but he’s so screwed up I don’t want him playing on my team, thanks.

    He slams the “pro-death movement” for playing on emotions and immediately gives us an account of his father’s death that is dripping with emotion. Pot and kettle, pal. Pot and kettle.

    He says that there’s no “right to die” in the Constitution. Well, the Constitution specifically does not enumerate all rights that it recognizes, a few yes, but go back and check Articles IX and X of the Bill of Rights. To top it off, in the same breath he mentions our “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” as though he doesn’t know that phrase is in the Declaration, not the Constitution. Well, maybe he DOESN’T know that and is woefully ignorant of the documents he cites.

    This guy’s opinion piece is terrible.

  4. If communist idiots codify their own extermination who am I to stand in their way?



    It’s between them and God.

  5. Why is this law limited to doctors prescribing dope?

    Hell, I’do it for 50 bucks flat. Have crowbar, will travel.

  6. not sure why a terminally ill person needs to commit suicide. talk about impatient. im pro death for the non terminal patients living in hell without a hope.

  7. …meanwhile, the death penalty for aggravated, multiple murderers is shut down in many states because the SAME people who push assisted suicide, claim that there is NO combination of drugs that kills prison vermin painlessly enough to meet the “no cruel and unusual punishment” standard.

    …can’t make this stuff up…

    “Thirty-six states have either abolished the death penalty, have executions on hold, or have not carried out an execution in at least 5 years. Recently, three states, Arizona, Ohio, and Oklahoma, temporarily halted executions as reviews are conducted of botched executions. In six states, Arkansas, California, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, and North Carolina, a de facto moratorium on executions is in place because of lethal-injection challenges; most of those states have not had an execution since 2008. Colorado, Oregon, and Washington have formal moratoriums on executions imposed by their governors. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have abolished the death penalty. In 6 additional states, while no formal hold is in place, no execution has been conducted in at least five years. The U.S. military and federal government also authorize the death penalty, but neither has had an execution in over ten years. ”


  8. Lemme see if I understand this…Libtards want to kill their own babies, then they want to kill themselves.

    And I’m supposed to feel bad about this, and stop them.

    OK, maybe I need to work through it again…Libtards…nope. Perhaps Libtardness is a self correcting problem?

  9. We watched our mom die of complications due to dementia.

    One of my brothers, one of the three that took care of mom, said after she died? He wants a cyanide pill, as not to suffer, for his time.
    So, we all have our way of what WE THINK it is OR should be like when we are DONE mentally or physically.

    How about having ALS??? OR MS as an adult?

    What is cool or noble about continued suffering??

    Can I off myself with help and be forgiven by God? No one here knows this.

  10. Abortion and self assisted suicide cannot be even considered in the same conversation.

    Same with Capital Punishment. Meaning, just because I believe in the Right to Life is not incongruous with putting someone to death for crimes against society.

  11. Piggy backing on Unlce Al’s comments, I agree that this guy’s arguments fail on many levels.

    He brings up “the pursuit of happiness” as a guaranteed right but I wonder how happy many terminally ill people are, racked with pain, where every movement, even breathing can be painful and laboring.

    I’m glad that he had a “peaceful” experience with his dad’s death, many don’t go so peaceably. My 90 year old mom is racked with arthritics, every conscious moment of her life is uncomfortable. She is a good Christian and prays every day that God will take her, but he doesn’t. She is not terminally ill and I do what I can to sooth and alleviate, but what about those that are terminally ill? Those whose lives are consumed with pain, throwing up and being miserable? They have no say in how their life ends?

    I understand the concept of the sanctity of life, that existence is a gift from God but many people do not believe in God, are they to be held hostage and required to go on suffering because some folks thinks suicide is a sin?

    I’m against these assisted suicide laws because anything the government get involved with turns to crap and the intended outcome is always missed. But as far as how an individual decides to live his life, from birth until death, I’m more libertarian. The dignity of the individual is only maintained when he has control of his life decisions.

  12. If Liberals were not so disingenuous about Gun Control, maybe they would stop introducing and passing ‘Laws” about declawing cats.
    Not meaning to offend the rights of the 2nd amendment, however how many guns does someone really need to own and pimp them out for personnel profit at Demoniacally and Republican supported ‘Flea Markets’, Legislated Private Gun Shows?
    I hate the ‘Eagles’ too like the Big ‘Jeff Bridges’ Lewboski, you can check out anytime you like,,
    Just politically and social media wise, STFU about it,, and do the NIKE thingy,,,
    Just Do it!

  13. Some of you are saying if someone wants to kill themselves so as not to live with debilitating illness or because they just want to should not be stopped.

    This is physician assisted suicide that was passed by our leftist Legislature. A very slippery slope. Next will be recommended suicide. Or like Canada, just exterminating old, sick people. Doctors take an oath to do no harm. Killing is harm. I think the originators of that oath may have seen this type of path becoming reality.
    If someone wants to commit suicide bad enough they’ll do it. Without a doctor’s help.

  14. Last month national popular vote failed here in Maine. Well that wasn’t good enough for the tantrum throwing Dems. They held 3 votes just today,6/12/19, until they got their way and national popular vote passed. Hopefully Mills will wake up on this one and veto it.


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