Teen Vogue instructs young girls how to get abortions without parents knowing


Teen Vogue published another article this week promoting abortions to young, impressionable girls.

“Having access to abortion should be your right, regardless of your parents’ beliefs,” Nona Willis Aronowitz wrote for the magazine.

She responded to a 16-year-old teenager who wrote to the magazine asking about how to get an abortion.

“I’m 16, I’m pregnant, and I don’t want to be. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to get an abortion without my parents’ permission, but I’m really scared to tel them because they are both against abortion. What should I do?” the teen wrote.

… she explained how any teen can abort her unborn baby without telling her parents. Most states have laws in place that require girls under 18 to notify or receive permission from a parent before having an abortion. However, most of these laws also include an alternative called a judicial bypass.

“There is a legal option in 36 states that would let you get an abortion without parental approval called a judicial bypass procedure — an infantilizing holdup to which nobody should have to resort,” Aronowitz wrote.


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  1. She better not try to get into an “R” rated movie without an adult or, oh boy….talk about getting in trouble!

  2. This a non sequitur, parents whose teens read Teen Vogue already approved their abortion!

    But as a father of two teenage girls, these are sick laws that place the government before the parenting.

  3. In addition to being the youngest of ten, my mom had two miscairrages as well so by their screwed up values I would not be here, aborted in a new generation?

    Not exactly. My parents values, as mine with my own, continue then as they do now.

    Thanks Mom and Dad (both gone).

  4. For the pro choice crowd that “Lead us not into temptation” thingy is really going to burn…

  5. So…schools need the parents’ signatures in blood in order for the school nurse to pass out ibuprofen, but getting an abortion is swell.

    This is disgusting that a magazine writer is using her position to undermine parental authority. I wonder if she would so readily do it had some teenaged girl written in saying, “I don’t want to be a Muslim anymore, but I’m afraid to tell my parents”? Would that young girl’s right matter so much then?

  6. The perverse powers in this country are using every opportunity to destroy children/youth in the most vile ways they can. Perversity is everywhere and in every media. It is open warfare against decency. This is even what Trump has given his approval to. Any thing to keep votes. Who needs moral values to stay in office and lead a country? Nobody! That is disgusting truth!

    “It does not take much to notice that the left has really thrown it into overdrive down the canyon of debauchery recently. Never at any point before has any leftist company been brazen enough to scream that they stand for abortion up until birth and if people won’t accept it, THEY, THE COMPANY, will boycott. They are doing it all the time now. And it went from LBG to LBGT to LBGTQ and now they want to add a P for Pedophile. I am sure a N will be added for those who want to dig up graves and screw the corpses after that. What is up with this lately?

  7. I cannot imagine the lifetime of suffering thrust upon all these young girls when they are convinced to kill their own offspring.

    When, 20-30 years down the road, they become addicted & depressed and end up dying from those addictions or suicide, the cause of death won’t state “abortion at 15”. But it should.

    I also cannot fathom the heartbreak, as a potential grandparent, finding out my daughter killed my grandchild. Evil.

  8. It will be too late when these girls (and their dumb parents) realize that the Leftists and pop-culture have sold them a sad bill of goods. They think they’re spiting the rest of us with this nonsense…but their just spiting themselves.

  9. Move to California, they take the girls from school to the abortion clinics in the morning and return them to the school before the day is over. The parents are never told. It’s the law in that state, no need for a child to inform their parents, the state makes sure the abortion clinics go on without a hiccup.


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