Los Angeles, California: Cuts Coming as Projected Overspending Reaches $154 Million

NBC4- Los Angeles City Administrative Officer Richard Llewellyn reported Monday that the city’s projected overspending is now more than $154 million, most of which is coming from salaries that recently increased across departments.

Llewellyn told the City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee in October that the city would need to reel in nearly $148 million in projected overspending this year. That amount was raised after departments reported what they would need for payrolls. Much of the overspending is due to additional salary obligations to “various new” labor agreements.

“Our budget currently for this year is out of whack, and the projections are we’re going to have to do some belt tightening,” Llewellyn said. read more

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  1. AHAHAHA – liberalism and government at its finest
    Another example of government expanding and not being able to pay for it. Why use 1 person when we can hire 5?
    and …
    We are already over budget, so let’s give all government employees a pay raise

  2. OT Related. . .

    All the Media Time folks that promote Greta to US are. . .

    the same EVIL DEMONS that served AND eat young flesh with Epsteins and money supermarket friends.

    Right, Mika and her husband(s) at msNBC?

  3. Now try to imagine the fix California would be in if they were cut off the big Federal nipple!
    That’s money that people like me (not living in California) have to pay to subsidize their Leftist pipe-dreams, inefficiency, out-right theft and illegal Aliens!

  4. Speaking of budgets out of whack, I just signed the family up for 2020 healthcare. $17,364/year cheapest Bronze PPO plan, family of 4. We make $2000 too much money and don’t qualify for discounts. That extra $2k raises our premium $11k for the year, so we actually bring in $9k less. Bullshit. I almost didn’t sign up, but there’s that little voice that screams in my head: 1 car/motorbike wreck and we’re screwed. With cars, motorcycles, house, and life insurance for the kids the grand total is $26,800 for the year. All after-tax payments, comes to about 1/3 of our take home pay. Like flushing money down the toilet, we never make claims. SCREAM AT THE SKY!

    Sorry for the OT, I felt compelled to bitch at the internet.

  5. This is because we are still digging ourselves out of the hole that the last couple of Republican governors and Bush got us into. If it weren’t for the strong foundation that Obama created in California undoing the Bush and Schwarzenegger deficits we’d really be screwed. Funny how Trump takes credit for Obama’s exceptional foundational work which any idiot (like him) could build upon.

  6. Hey maybe the illegals will give them back some of that money they were doled out by CA.
    Or maybe they can sell the train… ohhh that’s right. They never finished the tracks because they realized they were built smaller than the trains so nothing could run on them. LOL

  7. The Progressive Libertine is some ignorant moron in his mother’s basement, angry he can’t get a job after 7 years of work getting a B.A. in gay studies.


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