Man Really Doesn’t Like Bloomingdales

He goes a little funny in the head and destroys the place.


Eyewitness News ABC7NY– A violent rampage caught on surveillance camera shows a man destroying display counters and assaulting a security guard inside of a Bloomingdales in Norwalk. The incident happened on Tuesday at the department store located on 100 Waterstreet around 6:45 pm. Justin Gilbertie entered the SoNo collection inside of the department store and started knocking down items from display units.

One of the security guards confronted Gilberte, but he retaliated, punched the guard, and continued to throw cosmetic products. Another security guard attempted to pepper spray Gilberte with little success. When officers arrived at the scene, they were able to restrain Gilberte after a brief struggle. Officers say that a security guard and another person sustained minor injuries. This was an isolated incident, and Bloomingdales is open for business as is the SoNo collection.

9 Comments on Man Really Doesn’t Like Bloomingdales

  1. I can manage about 15 minutes, max, trying to figure out what things actually cost at Kohl’s before i feel like I’m going to do that

  2. @ChiGuy, I’m with you, why Kohl’s makes a game out of finding the prices is beyond me. Just put the price on the tag and be done with it. Or a 15% etc sign on each rack.

  3. Back in the day, all those clerks asking “May I help you?” was very annoying, but these days, department stores are like Death Valley.


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