Muslim Running Against Omar

Dalia is the preferred Muslim.

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  1. I wish she would read me stories at night.

    Would literally sit through ‘Watership Down’ if she was narrating.

  2. @ Aaron Burr…..Watership down?….nah, you want her to read you “The Godfather” especially pages 7-10….It had a profound and meaningful impact on me in 7th grade….

  3. The Godfather?

    Never interested me. I don’t speak DiGiorno.

    But I remember how they tortured us with the watership down book and then the movie…..which is now used in many Norwegian death metal videos.

    I just thought her voice was nice. No idea if she’s practicing taquitoes or not.

  4. No point asking her about sharia. Taqiya means you could never be sure she isn’t lying.

    And that’s just the DECLARED Mohammedans. Think of all the stealth ones we don’t suspect.

  5. LCD
    Unfortunately, we all need to leave California. If they repeal prop 13 this state is going to look like Venezuela. We’re working on it too. Had a couple set backs though.

  6. @Brad – the Prop 13 repeal is only for commercial/industrial. Well for this go-around. As bad as taxes are getting, what’s really pushing me are the laws like the gig one that’s hitting everyone from truckers to musicians to journalists, and the soft on crime laws. And then requiring cities to build certain amounts of housing. And, and, and,…

    Now what was the topic of this thread??? 😉

  7. Here is what I think about having Bad_Brad posting as Bad_Brad. I like the hell out of it! If I need to get slapped down a little bit I know I can count on you to do it. Keep up the good work Brad!

  8. I just stuck her name into Duck Duck Go and a whole bunch of stuff popped up, like possible relatives. I would think that some of the anti jihad sites will be vetting her if they haven’t already

  9. Hey Aaron good to see you here again… I think.
    You get lost in the desert in your truck with out a spare or 3 Mexicans to pack you out.

  10. Well Geoff, I think it’s good to be seen here….

    I mean nothing good ever comes of it, but everyone needs a hobby I suppose. Plus baseball season is around the corner and I enjoy reading BFH’s take on the Mets.

    :eats pringle slowly:

  11. The Western Journal article is certainly a glowing endorsement of another muslim congressman. The article states that the Somali muslims will have a voice in congress if she wins. You know what….fuck a bunch of voices in congress for Somali muslims!!! Muslim parasites, no go zones, and jihadi militants are a big time problem that we are not preparing ourselves for.

  12. Aaron the Mets just fired a few guys and many team will too.
    It looks like instead of spring training it will be spring rehiring around the league.

  13. California: people live here out of habit.

    Some habits are hard to break; some habits can break you, hard.

  14. She sounds a little like Brigitte Gabriel, .
    a true immigrant patriot, but seriously doubt she has Brigitte’s heartfelt love for this country.
    Since Dalia is culturally Muslim, moderate or otherwise, her alligence is still only to Islam. That can’t be trusted.
    Pam Geller might have the true take on her.


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