Mark Dice Bumps Into Jim Acosta On the Street- Hilarity Ensues

19 Comments on Mark Dice Bumps Into Jim Acosta On the Street- Hilarity Ensues

  1. Dear Diary, Mark Dice was mean to me today, but I got him sooo good! I told him he lived with his mother! Ha, ha, ha! Owned!

  2. actually displays acosta’s immature shallowness….. providing everybody a look into his single cell brain and inability to think. What a cuckhold!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. You may not have heard of Mark but it didn’t appear anyone out there recognized you either Jimbo. That is probably a plus for you though or you’d be splattered with food and drinks slung at you.

  4. Where was Abilio’s private security detail? Surely CNN wouldn’t allow their biggest stars to walk the streets alone, as they’re always complaining Trump has endangered their lives, making them the enemy of the people. Apparently “the people” don’t even recognize Jim as he meandered down the street in total anonymity.

  5. Every ‘journalist’ who is paid to do the bidding of the Fake News enterprises is like a ‘water boy, or girl’ who gets to ride the varsity bus to the games and believes that makes them a member of the team.

  6. Better to be in mom’s basement than the ratings basement, Abilio. But it’s nice to see you keeping up with decade-old memes.

  7. Thanks to the fact that a script wasn’t provided for Jim to read from, the only thing he could say over and over again (how many times?), was mother’s basement. He should be dating AOC.

  8. Acosta is an incompetent, dishonest asshole. For competence and honesty, Mark Dice is worth 1,000 acostas.

  9. It’s Leftist losers who actually live in their parents basements, not Conservatives. The Leftists are saddled with tens of $thousands in student loan debt because they chose to pursue useless unmarketable degrees in Womyns Studies and TransPhobic Intersectionality

  10. Mark – you will be around long after this Ted Baxter wannabe is forgotten, or gets caught diddling children. You are doing on YouTube what a young Rush Limbaugh did on A.M. radio.

  11. I would prefer to watch a video of some citizens kicking the ever living sheet out of that arrogant condescending anal cavity Acosta.

  12. People like Acosta don’t get what absolute asswipes they look like when they act this way! LOL! But I love it!


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