Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Seeks $30,000 Donations to Help House Her Pets


Catherine Scorsese, daughter of Hollywood director Martin Scorcese, pleaded for $30,000 in donations from the public for her pets after her $1.2 million Brooklyn apartment was flooded.

Catherine Scorsese bought her one-bedroom loft duplex in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2007 for $800,000 and now it is worth $1.2 million. But due to water damage, the place is being repaired. That left the 53-year-old New Yorker with no place to put her numerous pets, according to the Daily Mail.

The daughter of the Godfather films director — who is worth over $100 million — has eight cats and several dogs, according to reports.

According to a GoFundMe page, the woman’s half-sister, Tanya, started the fundraiser to drum up the $30,000 Scorsese says she needs to care for her pets during the renovation.

But while she has raised over $6,000, some are criticizing her for begging for money from the public when her family is so incredibly wealthy.

Catherine insists that she makes her own way through life and does not rely on her father’s huge wealth.

When Daily Mail contacted Scorsese, a representative slammed those criticizing the woman, saying that the page was not started by her but by her sister and is “such a sweet, generous offer.”

“She’s not begging for money, and she is not a trust fund baby either,” the source said of Catherine.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Catherine Scorsese has credits mostly as a member of the art department for various film projects, such as HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos.

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20 Comments on Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Seeks $30,000 Donations to Help House Her Pets

  1. “Catherine insists that she makes her own way through life and does not rely on her father’s huge wealth.”

    Yeah, right…

  2. Ask Robert DeNiro for some of the money he has made being a tough guy in your Daddy’s movies. Better yet, ask for some of the money back from the donations you undoubtedly gave to Obama and Clinton over the years.

  3. Her dad didn’t direct the Godfather films. When they get basic facts wrong, how much else is wrong?

  4. So, let her sister take care of the pets if she’s so sweet and generous. And don’t tell me that she makes her own way in life. BS. Without daddy’s name, she wouldn’t have the opportunities in her life that allowed her to buy a $800,000 apartment.

    I don’t begrudge people their wealth, just don’t expect others to feel sorry for you.

  5. People who can’t afford to take care of their own pets should not own pets. You never know when a medical problem can pop up. Believe me vet care can be expensive.

  6. Hey, I plan to make my own way in life too so everybody send me $100.00 dollars to light my way!

  7. Hang in there, sister. I am working on getting a bank created so it can print u some money + save ur pets.

  8. she clogs up her toilet and then expects others to pay her for it?

    send money to ASPCA or a homeless vets organization.

  9. She’s got how many animals in an apartment?
    Imagine being her neighbor.
    I love animals, but 8 cats and several dogs in an apartment, even a $1.2 million one, is a bit much.

  10. From the GO FUND ME page:
    “Cathy Scorsese Flood Relief
    $6,110 raised
    Campaign is complete and no longer active.”

    That FLOOD RELIEF headline kinda makes it sound like she and her animals survived something like Sandy (the storm, not AOC).

  11. A hollywoody being a piece of shit? Shocking!

    Oh wait no. it’s the other thing. totally normal.


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