Matt Drudge is using my work on his site with no credit or attribution, and I am sick of it – IOTW Report

Matt Drudge is using my work on his site with no credit or attribution, and I am sick of it

This is not the first time this site has simply taken my work off the internet and taken the credits off and posted it on their site with absolutely no link.

Yes, I know he probably has his personal pool boys doing the work for him, but it’s still Drudge policy, and he’s responsible.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 10.26.49 PM


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  1. And it’s been done a bunch of times, too. So lame.

  2. I thought that looked awfully familiar. That disappoints me that Drudge would be so low as to do that without leaving the credit on it.

    I sent him a link to this on his “news tip”. Maybe he will acknowledge his “mistake”.

  3. we’ll see if there is any integrity @drudge………….sadly integrity is a rare commodity in politics and business these days.

  4. Come on Drudge wise to fuck up. Stop acting like a skell. You’re bigger than that. Or are you?

  5. Use this post if you are going to e-mail them.
    Who has the e-mail??
    I used their tip line.

  6. Oh, I don’t recall his name being on the paypal receipt from

  7. I’ll e mail them. Because I’m sick of the little guy being stepped on by the big guy. However you are a super talented guy that might be able to manage this better. Got a couple ideas that might be all crap. But bottom line, you have what they want. And on second thought, I’d hold off on the mass e mail campaign.

  8. Thanks everybody. I tweeted and ask others for a retweet.
    We’ll see what happens.

    Side note.
    People who have donated to this site (and you’re all amazing) have noticed that when I send a note back to them I often talk about morale.
    It’s the keynote in those responses.
    If anyone wonders what I mean, pondering what I could mean by demotivation, THIS IS IT.
    This is it in a nutshell.

    The demoralization of this site is when we are simply not acknowledged by our suPEERiors for the work we do.

  9. Is there a way to keep your stuff off of the www? Pass word protected site? Etc?

  10. Why would I want to keep my work off the web???
    This is what we do.
    We put imagery on the web with our credit on it so people will come to our site because we feel our site is what America needs.


  11. I like that idea Brad, but then I wouldn’t have lovely images of those lurking progressive heads exploding in my dreams.

  12. There’s gotta be a way to keep them just on this site for a while. Contact Drudge and let him know, Hey asshole in the last two years you have used X number of my shit with no credits. Do you want to see what new?

    Probably would not put it quite that way.

  13. Nice job on the spelling asshole. Speaken of assholes I bet yours is still smoking after the celebration

  14. Exactly, your to close to the problem. I’ll send you something and if you think I’m full of shit fair enough. But this does keep happening. And people want what they can’t have.

  15. I just copied your headline into the Drudge news tip box. Message sent

  16. It was exciting to see your work on Drudge, but disappointing to see an absence of credit to you. But, like musical talent, bloggers all stand on each other’s shoulders a bit,

    Eventually, the credit for the work will come to you, and this could be one of the best things that ever happened to you. It was great artwork and no one’s ‘said’ it better about Boehner then you did (though we at TheFineReport work as hard as we can to expose and humiliate the scumbag.)

    Keep it up.

  17. BFH views his creations as art with a message. As he should, they are. Guys like Matt Drudge view them as product. Tell me I’m wrong.

  18. I’ve about decided that Drudge has a lot of defects and that I should take it off my read list.

  19. Drudge is OK. But he’s just a slick moo foo. BFH is smarter than him. Keep up the good work Hat.

  20. Use instead.
    Better links and Doug Ross is a great guy.

  21. Everyone should use instead of Drudge.
    All of Doug’s links go back to conservative sites, not like Drudge.

  22. Yea right. Drudge says they will investigate it.. That’s the message that posted when I left comment and link.

  23. My first tweet, twitter? was to Drudge with this link. I don’t use that, too much else out there to keep me pissed off.

  24. Well, (Follow to get Drudge Report Tweets fast. Archiving the Drudge Report since 1999. (RT/FAVs not endorsements), linked to just favorited what I just sent, for what that’s worth. Probably a bot account. Hope someone will read it at some point.

  25. I know I’ve said this before on this subject, but you need to use micro printing or a water mark.
    In the black area of the artwork there could be several ‘micro print ‘
    Letters for ‘IOTWREPORT’ or whatever you choose. Your going to have to get over this ‘ it ruins the work’ if it bothers you that people take your work.
    There is one area on this piece that has to be removed, very easy.
    Just a thought. Love you love your work.

  26. The reason they take off ‘all’ credits is because they don’t know if the credit is for the ‘original’ artist.
    You may have taken the work and put your name on it. Of course this never happens in the real world.

  27. Sheer genius!……………….from Rico

    Whoever had the ‘idea’ to photoshop-blend the images of Obummer with Boehner to give us this…let’s call it Oboehner…was genius in more ways than can be counted by the IRS when they find out who it was.

    I directed them to IOTWREPORT for credit.

  28. Did the same as Joe, sent it as a news tip along with a nice note. Yes, nice as he needs to do the right thing. Bad enough we have Bohner in our corner. If you can even call it that.

  29. How many times do I have to say this?
    I’m not out to prove I did the work to a thief once he’s caught. I can prove it by showing the original publishing date on the site with my branding on it.

    I want the work to be out there with my branding on it. Big and visible so we attract visitors.

    Microprint does nothing for me whatsoever.

    Watermarks make the art look like shit, and it discourages sites from using the work.
    We WANT other sites to use the work, with the friggin credit on it in the area that has been where credits go for hundreds of years.

    It’s a simple, simple arrangement.

  30. That is not for these assholes to decide, now, is it?

    “Officer, I didn’t believe it was really his when it said PROPERTY OF JOHN SMITH on it. I thought he stole it and put his name on it, so, that made it mine, no?”


  31. I stopped going to Drudge about the time BadBlue showed up.
    To much newers-tainment on Drudge.

  32. Just deleted Drudge. Unforgivable. Plus, he just cannot compete with Bad Blue. Was not difficult converting everyone on mailing list to BB.

  33. Who owns the original Obama and Boehner images used in the morph? Are they entitled to acknowledgement too?

  34. Don’t piss off BFH, AWD. He knows where you live.

  35. Drudge better watch himself.
    The authorities are shooting
    guys named Matt.

    ; }

  36. The answer is no. The picture you see that I created does not exist anywhere and does not look like anyone’s existing picture that is copyrighted.

    But what is your point anyway? You sound like the idiots who steal my work and then try and double-talk their way out of culpability by making a similar point that you’re making.

    If the answer is yes, how does that justify what an art thief does? Wouldn’t they be infringing on the copyright of the two original photographers???

    So Drudge is an asshole no matter what, then, isn’t he???

    You’re some litigator. And you’re probably one of these thieves, so get the frig off my site, and take the 3 thumbers with you.

  37. I would buy a new toothbrush if I were you, AWD.
    Does it smell a little like BFH ass?
    Just askin’

  38. I did too – still no comments posted on the article.

  39. BFH – I downloaded Michael Savage’s Friday July 3 podcast. Starting at The 17:45 mark, Savage credits Drudge for your oboehner picture.

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