NASCAR Will Be Banning the Confederate Flag


Calling the Confederate flag an “insensitive symbol” he personally finds offensive, NASCAR chairman Brian France said the sport will be aggressive in disassociating the symbol from its events. “We want to go as far as we can to eliminate the presence of that flag,” France told the AP today. “I personally find it an offensive symbol, so there is no daylight how we feel about it and our sensitivity to others who feel the same way.” Earlier this week, NASCAR backed South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s call to remove the Confederate flag from the state capitol, and noted that it bars the flag in any official NASCAR capacity. But banning it on race track property is a much larger task for NASCAR, which began as a Southern sport and has many fans who still embrace the flag.

It flies at camp sites at many races; the size of the crowd, and NASCAR’s own acknowledgment that fans have a right to freedom of expression, make it difficult to police it. But France insists NASCAR is exploring its options. “We are going to be as aggressive as we can to disassociate ourselves with that flag,” he said. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon yesterday backed NASCAR’s efforts. Brad Daugherty, the lone black Sprint Cup Series team owner in NASCAR, said that seeing the Confederate flag at races “does make my skin crawl.” Says France, “obviously, we have our roots in the South, there are events in the South, it’s part of our history like it is for the country,” France said. “But it needs to be just that, part of our history. It isn’t part of our future.”

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  1. Yeah…like that’s gonna work in Talladega….they keep it up and that race will be quiet like the Orioles stadium after the riot….

  2. It isn’t part of our future.”

    They’ve gone full “Yes We Can!”-tarded.

    Next up at NASCAR, ROY will race G. BIV in the rainbow-500.

  3. They are just plain wrong. Racism is in the eye of the beholder.

    In this case, the black grievance crowd, democrats, and agitators.

    They are winning and they are far from finished.

    I’ll keep repeating this as long as I read about the removal of any flag:

    Check out Fred Reed, “Black Power: A Done Deal.

  4. I think NASCAR should highlight the confederate battle flag at its’ events and should tell the grievance howlers to pound sand. but that won’t happen because they’re a bunch of pussies addicted to the TV advertisement money.

  5. I’m a huge NASCAR fan. Or used to be. Dale Jr. Your daddy was my all time favorite driver. He would be ashamed.

  6. Ooh, what a slippery slope he just chose!! Can’t wait to see which symbol is next on the chopping block, that NASCAR is FULL of “offensive” symbols! AND, how many people do you reckon he just pizzed off with his compromising?

  7. And NASCAR has the balls to lecture us on being green too. Here’s an idea; stop alienating your base, STFU and race.

  8. I seem to remember a few years back when Mooshelle made an appearance at a NASCAR race, (Daytona?) and was booed by the crowd. One of my favorite NASCAR moments.

  9. Right? I don’t recall reading that race cars or the trucks they’re hauled in being fueled by water or unicorn pee.

    Fuck, you know what? I reeeeeaaaallly hate people lately.

    I mean I hate people, normally. But some fuckers just…
    Aw lemme go eat a Snickers.

  10. Fucckem! Every time I tune in to a race, it looks like they are funded by the fck’n Arabs – logos all over the place. I used to love watching the races. Not any more.

  11. Why don’t they just wait until the fans
    are seated and THEN pour a piss bucket
    over them. Same effect.

  12. What is illustrative about this “Flag Flap” is that America fought a war to do the right thing. We spilled the blood of hundreds of thousands of our own citizens to free the slaves and do the right thing. The good guys won and after all of the sacrifice and hard work to do the right thing America gets credit for doing the right thing from the Liberals? NO! – After fighting a war and winning, does America get any credit for doing the right thing by the “Always Offended Liberals”? NO, of course not. It does not matter one whit to the “Always Offended Liberals” what you do, it will never be enough. So if I thought for one minute, that taking down a confederate flag would finally allow the “Always Offended Liberals” in this country to find peace and enjoy life, I would vote for eliminating every single flag out there….But it will not help, it will not make one bit of difference to the “Always Offended Liberals”. We fought a WAR and killed hundreds of thousands of our own fathers, sons and brothers in order to secure the right thing, and yet the “Always Offended Liberals” remain always offended. Nothing will stop them from being offended, nothing will help. I have come to realize that Liberals want to remain offended and nothing will change that, so I will live my life in peace and happiness and will not so much as lift a finger to try to help the “Always Offended Liberals” find peace. I am done trying to help people who not only don’t want help but will spit in your eye for even trying.

    MSG Grumpy

  13. @MSG G The good guys won…

    Growing up Yankee and then moving to the South, and seeing what the ‘good guys’ have morphed into, I question this position.

  14. Don’t go to the races, don’t watch it on tv and don’t buy their shit. I would love to see an empty grandstand. I love racing but that’s it, no more, they will not get a dime from me. Ban my flag ? I say FUCK NASCAR. The day it was reported that Roof had pictures on Facebook waving the flag, I went straight to the flag store near me and bought 2 more. And not in support of what he did, but I knew the ban was coming. Went back yesterday and they were sold out. The owner says it will probably be a couple of months before he can get more. They are flying high at my house along with the Betsy Ross and the Gadsden. And I’m in the belly of the Beast, just south of Baltimore. I’m seeing People around here flying it from their vehicles.
    “We will rally round the flag, We will rally once again, shout, shout the battle cry of FREEDOM”

  15. So f’n what?

    NASCA is as boring to watch as a golf match. We are going to Elma next weekend to watch two days of winged sprint car racing on a 3/8 mile clay oval. There will be more racing action in every five minutes there than in most five hour NASCAR races

  16. “…will be…”

    They wouldn’t want to do it today: Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., died in Falls Church, Virginia, at 92 on this date in 2010. That would offend the KKK and their democrat founders.

  17. It is up to the fans to boycott NASCAR. They will not do that. Too many appeasers. Be glad he was not holding a bible and had a cross or Jesus on his plate. I served 7 years, most as part of the 101 st AB 1/502. Most of us never understood the Vietnam War, but we served proud. I am starting to feel that same empty feeling I had when I returned from Vietnam. It makes me doubt my service. NASCAR will win this one because no one will boycott. God help us.

  18. I guess they are going to ban the Chicago City flag for allowing gang bangers to wound 24 and kill several over the 4th. Chicago Flag uses stars and bars. Where is the outrage over inner city killings? All lives matter.

  19. Thanks for your service, Don. You’ve had a hard road. The military wasn’t voluntary back then.

    God knows you’ve been spit upon too much already.

  20. I will not watch any nascar event ever again they are now just another pc corporation that sold out and have no back bone, to stand up and fight. I feel sadness for the family’s who lost their loved ones but taking down that flag wont bring them back. nascar is just a bunch of fags now. oh jeez, I offended some one. What the hell happened to this country. I once thought even with it’s flaws was the greatest country in the world,I now wonder?GOD please save what’s left of our Republic.For the lefties that would be gaia or what ever plant or animal you believe in today.

  21. I am done with NASCAR. This was the last draw. Niggers have taken over Basketball, Football, and Baseball. All we had left was NASCAR & NHL. Just another bunch of white nigger lovers bending over to get rammed in the poop-chute by Cheetah and friends. I won’t spend a penny on anything to do with NASCAR. I HATE HOCKEY!! You don’t like my flag? Fuck You and anyone that looks or acts like you!


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