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  1. I sent a tip asking Drudge to give credit to BFH. Could the rest of you also send him this tip or email him?

    I’m sure he didn’t strip the credits, but he should be man enough to add them back on when informed.

    Thanks, joe6pac for the heads up and jackphatz & Ann Thracts for the links!

  2. I’ve about had it with that fackin’ homo.
    The guy is a multimillionaire and all he does it poach my shit and take credits off.
    If I ever see him I’m kicking him in his twat.

  3. Here comes the excuse:
    “My bad… We had to crop it so that it fit”

    Does cropping somehow not allow someone to LINK THE FUCKING PICTURE HERE?

  4. Every time???
    This is like the 5th time Drudge has done this.

    I love that this was pointed out on this particular thread because I couldn’t even do an idea I saw on Sondrakistan.com without crediting them.
    I could have easily just taken the idea and no one would have known a thing.
    But I WOULD HAVE KNOWN, and that’s all that matters.

  5. For the record, do you guys know what it means to have a Drudge link??
    It’s like hitting the Powerball.
    And we’ve been fucked out of the Powerball about 5 times.

  6. BFH, I found your original artwork with iOTW attribution after scrolling past a dozen links (without it) on Tin Eye.

    Drudge may have found it already cropped.

    If he were made aware of this, maybe he’d revise the pix.
    Or maybe he’d just dump it.

    It’s worth a try. 😉

  7. But that’s what they hide behind.. “Oh, I found it that way.”
    Then when I make the people aware that I am the artist I get a mixed bag of reactions, none of which are cool.

    – they argue with me
    – they say “it’s the internet, what do you expect?”
    – they say I’m self-aggrandizing and spreading the message is bigger than me

    Meanwhile, if they posted someone’s writing they would fully expect to be sued. Artwork? Pfffft, they don’t give a shit.

    If they simply take it down I hope they die in a fiery gas explosion, because that is not cool at all.
    That is akin to stripping the credits off themselves.


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