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Woman Who Set Out To Destroy Prominent Nobel Prize Winner Is About To Be Destroyed Herself

We reported about the Nobel prize winning Sir Tim Hunt’s career crash earlier in the month. Remarks he allegedly made in a toast at a conference in Seoul, Korea caused an abrupt end of a tremendous career in the sciences.

By the time his plane touched down back in England he was a ruined man because of some tweets made by a woman who was in attendance. She claimed he made a series of sexist remarks which stunned the audience into awkward silence. Her band of comrades and social justice warriors took her word as gospel and retweeted and retweeted until the man was forced to step down from his institutional positions by the academics who had no problem with the man a day before.

That’s the power leftist loons currently wield.

Hunt was screaming in space, where no one could hear him, that the allegations against him were false.

Well, it turns out Hunt was right. It turns out his accuser, Connie St. Louis, is a liar who has been puffing up her credentials and resume to the point where everything she says should be called into question.


Have the agents who carried out his career execution responded by reinstating him?

Nope. That’s not the way it works in Progressiveland.

Being a progressive means never having to say you’re sorry.

Read here. It’s extremely interesting, and my hope is that this St. Louis crunt becomes the poster child for the perils of what Obama calls, “acting stupidly.” Flying under the radar is not good enough for these impostors, they have to get all audacious and step into the limelight. Sort of like Neil deGrasse Tyson.

I also hope that Tim Hunt gets his life back.

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34 Comments on Woman Who Set Out To Destroy Prominent Nobel Prize Winner Is About To Be Destroyed Herself

  1. Another woman that fell outta the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. 🙄 Now how can we ruin her? 😡

  2. it’s best I don’t comment right now

  3. I am so tired of over this ability to blast an individual over anything they said, wrote, or insinuated through facial expressions or otherwise: FUCK YOU! Get over it and stop creating stupid fronts. You people are such a bore and I want to punch you in the face.

  4. We have been turning over our country to versions of this for forty years now, and the results are about what one would expect. Nobody ever crosses them or contradicts them during their entire miserable lives, and their algae blooms of mental illness are celebrated as great achievements. And now that we have one in the White House, they have only become more insufferable. If we are to survive as a free nation, we must stop handing the levers of power to them without careful scrutiny, or we are doomed.

  5. Sorry to say but Prof. Tim will probably lose out. No matter what the evidence the academics will protect the ugly, humorless, affirmative action moron.

    Read Fred Reed “Black Power: A Done Deal.”

    It’s the new normal.

  6. Diogenes. That’s her witch doctor garb. I’d like to see her hut and her collection of schrunken heads.

    I hope there’s a followup on this story.

  7. I bet her smell could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon.

  8. F’ing sea slug lookin’ crunt must leave a trail of prog slime where ever she goes.

  9. Really. There’s a bloody tampon printed fabric for making your own clothes? It must be a political statement.

  10. Hey, how come this multicolored bizarre looking lady reminds me of a cross between Alien and a Christmas tree? Don’t answer that, Diogenes. You might make sense.

  11. I do believe that’s Kwanzaa, the Kooky Dread Klown!

  12. a liar who has been puffing up her cred

    puffing her what??

  13. Brian Williams went undercover for this story…

  14. I was thinking 2 week old tuna sandwich. Just like the one they found between Mama Cass’ fat rolls during her autopsy.

  15. Went shopping for a dress and said, ‘can you show me something that looks like it has used tampons all over it?’

  16. never been much gravy left on her plate….ummmm hummmm….

  17. Malissa Hawiss Pwerry suggested that . She wore tampons on her ears, on TV , So that’s cool.

  18. I noticed the odor right off too. Like a big sick hog shitting putrid skunk innards. And the extremely poisonous Baneberry dress is a big red flag. Or is that red fag?

    St. Louis is a shithole. The city with that name is too.

    I’ll be here till the rooster crows. Night shift is great.

  19. How convenient that LYNCH MOBS are – unexpectedly! – acceptable when the Left goes for the jugular.

    She needs to be RUINED.

  20. Like the old saying goes, you have to roll over twice to get off of her. If she caught on fire, she’d look like a burning truck tire. Hires a crop duster to clean her ass, but I bet Hillary’d hit it.

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