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Mayor Thinks Pickleball Can Solve Seattle Crime, Fentanyl Crisis

Pickleball is addictive, but not as addictive as opioids.


Nearly 15 months after taking office, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell finally unveiled his plan to “immediately” revitalize downtown Seattle from its crime and drug crisis. He should have kept it to himself.

Put down the fentanyl and stolen Jameson Irish Whiskey and pick up a pickleball racket! Harrell seems to think establishing pickleball competitions will revitalize downtown. That’s not all: he wants to bring street festivals, and art walks downtown. He’s looking to “increase opportunities for food trucks” in the area. He also hopes the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board will issue “Sip ‘n Stroll” permits, too.

First, none of this is “immediate” unless that’s another word the Left has redefined for a political agenda. Second, do you know what’s unappealing? Eating a gyro from a food truck while you smell the nearby sidewalk a homeless man used as a toilet. Harrell should roll down the windows of his car when he drives downtown and smell what it has become. And third, we’ve done most of this before, including using ping-pong tables to “activate” the area. Needless to say, it didn’t work. Harrell’s plan to bring hipsters sipping IPAs between pickleball games doesn’t treat addiction or cure homelessness.


I will not tolerate any bashing of pickleball by people who have never played, or simply watched old people play.

I play, and although sorta old, the game me and my cohorts play is not pattycake. We are high-level players.

Here’s some good pickleball-

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  1. It’s no mystery how to stop crime once it has been allowed to grow out of control.

    1. Any crime from grand larceny or worse gets the death penalty.

    2. All riots are dealt with via tear gas, water cannons, billy clubs, and rubber bullets. And if any rioters lose and eye or their life, then too fucking bad; too fucking sad.

    Make the price of doing evil so high that people will try anything other than that to get by.

  2. Pickleball is a good game, and can be competitive as hell. I like it. However, there’s a game played on the same court that’s a better game. Too bad it never caught on. Maybe once the inner city folks get tired of the noise of a plastic ball hitting a solid paddle it will change.

  3. He needs to get the Williams sisters involved, otherwise “White supremacy.”

    It’s like the recreational running community being majority White and all the hand-wringing that some of these stupid race directors go through.
    Every single advert for a Disney Run event has majority black folk running even though they make up less than 1% of their participants.

  4. There’s no intention of “solving” anything.
    The idea is to divert money so that it can be skimmed.
    The usual suspects will organize and institute the pickleball brigades, all the while stealing the taxpayers’ money.
    Same shit as midnight basketball.
    Why not knitting, crocheting, or quilting? Too many sharp objects?

    Follow the money.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I remember when the Clintons said they could cure crime by opening up school gyms for midnight basketball games.

    It didn’t.

    But it DID make it easer to know where to send the police and ambulance for the inevitible gang fights and ODs on those particular nights, so there’s that…

  6. Safe Spaces
    AT 10:16 AM
    “Have you ever heard of a drive-by happening at a pickleball tournament? Sounds like a relatively safe sport for the older set.”

    Don’t be too sure.

    Democrats ruin EVERYTHING.

  7. @ LocoBlancoSaltine

    ” otherwise “White supremacy.”

    Have you noticed the Progressive insurance ads? No matter your skin color, you should listen to your wise (according to Progressive) black TV dad. Meanwhile many black kids have no dad at all, wise or otherwise.


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