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Melania Bashes Biden Over Baby Formula Shortage

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Daily Mail

Melania Trump has described the shortage of baby formula nationwide as ‘heartbreaking’ – using her first interview since leaving the White House to say the crisis was down to ‘leadership’.

The former first lady sat down with Fox News‘s Pete Hegseth for an interview to be aired in full on Sunday. More

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  1. “These are Crimes Against Humanity”

    A very specific humanity. Us. Mexicans can feed their babies. Canadians can feed their babies. I’m sure the Europeans are swimming in formula. Just voting the bastards out isn’t enough. I settle for hard labor.

  2. Elegant, Intelligent, & Direct.

    Let’s be Honest, no one made her life easy in the Media & yet she carried herself with dignity.

    Frankly, Trump had it much tougher than Reagan. 4 years of relative peace, a stable economy & YES, apparently SOME people DID get TIRED of wining.

    Cheers Friends,
    Going for steak with Dad (Big Lou) on his 82nd Birthday with the Family!

    COOF didn’t even take a dent out of him or MOM.

  3. ” I wonder how far they’ll get?”

    Straight thru, it’s only about 8000 miles to China. Seems like they’ve got about 20 miles left. Keep digging dems!!

  4. @Anonymous May 14, 2022 at 10:38 pm

    > And still there are not 30-50 million people marching on Washington.

    There aren’t 30-50 people doing anything effective. At Columbia.

    Americans (like Carthaginians) will not be missed.

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