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Mom Faces Jail Time When Buttinski Neighbor Calls Police

What did the mother do?

She let the 4 year-old play in a gated playground in a gated apartment complex, get this, ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!

He was 120 feet from his front door.

That’s less than the distance from home plate to second base. Why is that a jail-able offense?Tomahawk

The woman turned down a plea bargain.

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  1. On the surface I’m outraged that this incident, all by itself has this parent in such hot water. However, the fact that her little boy is named “Tomahawk” causes me the question her judgement.

  2. At least Her neighborhood is reasonably safe. Mine was!
    I’m a bit anal when my grands are outside. (6&7). But you would be too if in your backyard, at the end of the acreage, thru the woods, down a ravine, up the other side is Section 8 housing being built! And some ‘neighbours’ have already been chased away by neighbors. (I’m talking innocent, gentle giant types ?)

  3. It’s ok to hurt a kid, so long as it’s the government that does it. That’s what will happen when they take his mother away.

    Figured it was CommiePhornia. Pretty stupid place to raise kids today. Everybody is an enemy and a snitch with a camera. (with the exception of the few remaining conservative who are trying to keep the state afloat).

    Child Destructive Service – CPS.

  4. Why did the cops not use some common sense judgement? So wasted time, wasted tax payer money, a kid possibly removed from his home if the mother does jail time. What good does this do? If she were a celebrity or black this would not have happened. Celebrities don’t get arrested for doing things worse than this.

    This lady needs to watch the nosy neighbor or neighbors and turn them in for something stupid.

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