Nathan Phillips – The New Dick Blumenthal

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  1. Might be true, Phillips as Rosenthal birds of a feather, but the latter PRICK is an effing SENATOR!

    So how did that happen? Knowing that he was outed prior to his election. Oh nevermind, an IGNORANT NON CARING electorate never helps.

  2. New name: Low Flying Shit Bird.

    He shits on everything honorable, good and true.

    You wanted notoriety Nathan Phillips.>Now everyone knows you are a POS.

  3. This last weekend should be this Buster’s Last Stand at the Battle of Little Big Mouth.

    He’s lied about his service for 40 years and he lied about every detail to frame those kids because he never thought the media would investigate it.

    And he wouldn’t be wrong because no one investigated his BS for decades.

  4. Anyone who knows anything about the Vietnam War could tell the distinguished tribal elder (the next lie to be exposed) story was bogus simply by seeing his birthday. Nobody born in 1954 or later went to Vietnam. That would mean you graduated in 1972, and by that time, the Vietnam War was an ARVN and B-52 (but mostly B-52) show. No new troops were being sent there

    So what this means is that NOBODY in the MSM or in our own RINO-fied cuckservative media did any research on this guy at all. Either that, or they have no understanding of what went down in Vietnam, especially in the final years

  5. Dont want to dishonor the courageous South Vietnamese who did go eyeball to eyeball with the NVA in 1972 and succeeded in driving them out of their country … but when every grenade hurled at you is answered by an Arc Light strike, it does tend stiffen your spine


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