New Mexico: The Sunspot Solar Observatory Unexpectedly Closed Due To “Security Issue”

The Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico was rapidly closed down and evacuated last Thursday with no explanation why.

Locals report that the FBI is involved, though the Bureau has neither confirmed or denied their presences at the facility. The official statement from The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) is there was “a security issue” so they “decided to temporarily vacate the facility as a precautionary measure.”

The most popular conspiracy theory is that the shut down involves contact with aliens. More 

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  1. The only other publically accessible observatory in the western United States of this quality, Goldendale, is closed down too.

    Park closure: The Goldendale Observatory will be closed March 1, 2018 through fall of 2019 for maintenance and upgrades. During this time, solar and dark sky interpretive programs will take place at the nearby Stonehenge building (located at 87 Stonehenge Drive). Stonehenge hours will be 1 to 11:30 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

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  3. I used to be a skeptic on UFOs, until I saw one. Several years ago I saw a light in the sky at about 9pm. The light was moving very fast and my first thought was that it was a meteor, until it stopped,circled and immediately resumed its previous speed.Read a book by Kean, who is a serious reporter, and she accumulated reports from around the world. We are not alone and I wonder if this is related.

  4. I do not remember the source but an article I read said the Chinese were spying through those antenna arrays.Will post the link if I find it but I read a wide variety of sites.

  5. This is why I love conspiracy idiots. They’re so precious.

    An observatory observes. It does not send signals out. It’s passive. Particularly a solar observatory. It just sits there staring at the sun. There are many observatories as well as orbiting telescopes staring at the sun right now.

    But it takes people to run these things. I’d bet the FBI is looking for some people instead of aliens. It’s New Fucking Mexico after all.


    Why, aliens of course.

  6. What would happen if Aliens came and they were all conservatives? Democrats would suddenly embrace ICE and appropriate money for a wall North and South.

  7. True dat, Conspiracy Idiot, Soon we’ll be seeing a low speed police chase as the cops close in on the solar observatory in a white bronco….

  8. Lou Dobbs had something about this on. He was wondering why the FBI would be at an observatory. Even for a security problem. The local police could have handled a simple security issue.

  9. Since the study of solar activity proves the lie of AGW, my bet is that global warming activists were plotting to blow up the facility. Was Al Gore available for comment?

  10. Maybe someone who works at the observatory OBSERVED something that they shouldn’t have, have evidence of what they saw hidden in the building, and tried to make a break for it, which would explain the shutdown.

    (Maybe a government air craft? Something along those lines…)

  11. From Conspiracy Idiot: “it has a clean view of holloman afb and white sands missile range.”

    I was waiting on somebody to say that. Sunspot sits on the mountains that border the east side of the Tularosa Basin. Which contains more land area than Connecticut. Range Control for White Sands had (circa 1980’s) a quite sophisticated radar facility co-located with the observatory. And a whole shit load of other RF equipment used by the range.

    I worked at the range, so I’m not using internet sources for my info.

  12. The commute distance from far far away galaxies to here is too great. It’s easier to believe UFOs are not from distant planets, but are instead from a far distant past – a remnant of previous earth inhabitants that existed before various cycles of near total destruction and rebirth of life on earth.

    Now as for the aliens at the observatory. Were they ; Honduran, Guatemalan, Mexican, Salvadoran or other foreign country south of the border?


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