New Video Game Lets You Help a Pregnant Woman Kill Her Baby in an Abortion

Just when you thought it was safe to play video games again…
Now there’s this–
The new browser-based game Trapped’ [cute, PC name, right?] claims to show players how difficult it is to get an abortion in the United States. Its creators also attack pro-life pregnancy centers and covertly push for taxpayer-funded abortions...
[from The Daily Dot] “…In a matter of minutes, players follow a simulation of someone who wants to have an abortion. In the randomly selected scenario, the player essentially ‘walks in the shoes’ of this person as they learn they’re pregnant, assess their situation, make their decision, then attempt to go to the doctor, get their medical bills covered, find transportation, and get the procedure.
In some of the scenarios, the person is a teenager; in others, already experiencing menopause. Sometimes their procedures won’t be covered by insurance, and other times their doctor won’t speak their language and will need a specialist to come in at a later date. Sometimes they don’t have transportation to the clinic or are too far along to get an abortion in their state. These are all variables that contribute to a longer pregnancy, and subsequently a more costly abortion...” 
Funny how consideration of the unborn child never enters the picture.

 h/t Rachel weeping


8 Comments on New Video Game Lets You Help a Pregnant Woman Kill Her Baby in an Abortion

  1. In some places it’s against the law to bad-mouth a towel-head.
    Why isn’t it illegal to promote abortion??

  2. Okay, but who in the WORLD would actually play this??
    Only the most die-hard, crazy-ass, feminist wicca would. Honesty. The far left keeps trying to act as though the average person, heck, the average LIBERAL, is like them. They’re not. > >

  3. Yes, it’s soooo difficult to get an abortion in the United States that Planned Parenthood only did 321,000 of them last year.

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