Newest Induction into the Patriot Pet Portrait Gallery – IOTW Report

Newest Induction into the Patriot Pet Portrait Gallery

This is Whisky


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  1. Whiskey is a good looking pup – and very lucky to have a fenced-in BIG yard! Terrific job Fur! You are so very talented!

  2. I just love your art, big fur, you are an excellent artist and wish to hell I knew what you were using oil? Acrylics? Possibly watercolor? Beautiful beautiful work

  3. OMG……a fence……bet that took time.
    The area behind the fence is really well done.
    Glad you eliminated that black object.
    Really well done

  4. Caroleigh.

    Believe it or not, these are done in Folk Art paints. (Yes, the 75 cents a bottle paint.)

    If you paint I would be happy to email you and discuss my method.

  5. It is amazing how quickly you can turn out such high quality. Line art pin-ups are my thing and each take me a good week or two to get from sketch to final. That’s once I have a final sketch and even then, it’s just line art with little color and only if I decide to add it. Great work, BFH!

  6. These paintings are complete in about 6 hours total on average.

    Some are done in 2 hours, others 12.

    This one was about 8.

  7. If I commission one. I have a good picture of Roxy the chihuahua that has grass, trees and a lake in the background. Not a lot but it’s good to see background in your paintings.

  8. Fur, I do appreciate the background in this one. Often you don’t have one, but those same photos mostly have weird mixes for a background so a general wash highlights the pets better.

    This one really has peace in it, for me. Also, some depth and action implied with all that free doggy space behind him, not an isolated, floating enitity.

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