No Charges Against Lewandowski’s “Assault”

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  1. Good! It was crap from the beginning. Lewandowski grabbed her by the arm a bit roughly, but screaming assault was dumb. Wanna be a reporter? Toughen up, and don’t use your gender to give you an edge.

    Now, Lewandowsky lied about it and was an asshole that grabbed a chick by the arm and yanked her because he could. He would never try that with Bill O’Reily because Lewandowski would get flattened.

    All sides were at fault, all sides embellished the truth for political advantage. Let’s shut up about this and discuss policy, OK?

  2. Trumps team has been exonerated. Now lets move on to Teds hookers and contested convention and who’s wife is hotter. (we know which one that is)

  3. He would never try that with Bill O’Reily because Lewandowski would get flattened.

    Menderman, come on man. O’Reily being a tough guy is all part of his TV persona. Did you ever see pictures of that guy when he was younger? He’s a puss.

  4. Are we forgetting Lewandowski lied about it? He said he never touched her. Like I said, both sides were wrong. Can’t you Trumpsters even admit that? C’mon, be honest here…I was.

  5. Menderman, review that video before you answer me. I don’t think he realized he touched her. The guy was in a hurry to get back to his boss. He probably didn’t know who the bitch was or is.

    And another thing, there’s touched and then there’s touched. Touched literally? Yes he was mistaken. Touched, Lateral Drop, oh hell no.

  6. Just to be clear, you’ll be on the hook for as long as I’m here on the “Sad Brad” shit. Major fuck up on your part little doggie.

  7. It is clear that being honest hear has no value. Trumpsters see it as a weakness to be attacked. It is a shame. Let me ask you this, how do you Trumpsters plan to win by alienating all the Cruz supporters or do you think you can win without us?

  8. Menderman, That’s where I’m trying to go. No matter the flack. And the truth is Cruz is the sacrificial goat for the GOP and to a point for the DNC since there’s no difference between the two.

  9. Clearly, Trump supporters will abolish their vote before any other supporter. Is that not agreed?

  10. Menderman, cement that statement in your brain, and then let’s talk at the end of the month. Any Cruz fanatic should be shitting twinkies right now. Why? Because Trump the business man has just identified his obstacles and is regrouping. He’s pretty good at that shit. This will be fun.

  11. Brad, Ted Cruz will get just as many votes from Donald Trump’s family in New York…as Donald Trump will.

    And that’s the facts…Jack!

    Yep, he’s pretty good at that shit.
    This will indeed be fun!

  12. BTW, when should we tell Trump about the Electoral College and what it does?

    And no Donald, the BBB has not rated them A++ and they don’t offer degrees.

  13. Loco, the amount of jobs, high paying manufacturing jobs, that Trump can reseurect, will be the difference. Bible Boy (Glenn Becks Bitch) has never created job one, and has no clue. Typical attorney, big on talk, short on performance. I know you are happy make those little paper umbrellas for Florida tourists drinks. Not good enough for the rest of us.

  14. Brad, you back up for Charlie?. “Teds hookers and contested convention and who’s wife is hotter. (we know which one that is)”?


  15. Well now your just scarring me. The fucking Sad Brad crap was chicken shit. I would not have done that to you. But then again I still have a few morals. I like facing my enemies head on.

  16. Short on performance? All lawyers suck? Who do you want fighting the Supreme Court on the Heller case? A plumber? A nail banger?

    Lincoln was a Lawyer. Adams was a Lawyer. Madison, Monroe, the other Adams, Jefferson, and over half of all US presidents were lawyers. Not all Lawyers suck.

    Get over your silly stereotypes!

  17. Come on dude your smarter than that. Hell yes let Cruz fight the fight you describe. Let a business man tell him what fight to fight. You really don’t get it do you? Attorneys are tools. You run into problems and you hire them. They are not notorious free thinkers. Even with a bible in their hands. My God man, look at their track record. They’re terrible at representing the people.

  18. Meerkat, No. GOP, DNC, one in the same. Cruz will go no where, one way or the other. He is the ultimate tool.

  19. Brad,

    I disagree, I have been following Ted Cruz for four years. How long have you been following Donald Trump, politically?

    Ted is true and good. One of the few, like Mike Lee. You got it all wrong in my opinion. I respect your vote. But I question your opinion.


  20. Will Ben Shapiro apply his “facts don’t care about your feelings” to this Michelle Fields vs Trump mess?

    I still like Ben but he’s in the doghouse with Levin because of over the top crazy #NeverTrump. Not sure when I’ll listen or read anything from him again.

  21. So the final fight ends with Brad saying burn it all down. LocoBlancoSaltine say’s “Save the republic”.

    LocoBlancoSaltine wins!

  22. @Illustr8r, you haven’t been following. Trump camp hit Levin camp last week and now Levin is #NeverTrump

  23. Meerkat, Trump had me hooked last time around and he caved. I was so pissed I swore I’d never follow him again. (I don’t really watch TV so his show had no effect). Then he gave his politically incorrect announcement speech and he had me again. So yes I’ve been watching Trump for a while. Trump can fix problems with our economy nobody else has a clue about. I have three kids also. Two Grand kids. Really cute. They look just like me lol. When I say burn it down, I mean burn down the GOP and separate us from the DNC. Look who controls the a House right now. We voted those badtards in. They caved. So for our kids sake we need a big ass change. In my mind, that change is Trump

  24. TO illustr8r

    IF there is any difference in the perspective of Shapiro and Levin, it’s because Daily Wire (Shapiro’s shop) was bought up by a slightly different avid rabid Cruz supporter from the avid rabid Cruz supporter “generously donating” to Levin’s show.

  25. Besides being on hour 27 of a 24 hour day on the campaign, Lewandowski, if you look at the tape and have eyes to see, didn’t even look at psycho Fields (the same woman who not only accused Allen West of “groping” her, but then went on Fox to tell everyone that it was as bad as having her father die) as he went past her.

    Cruz, never one to miss an opportunity to lie about anything that will, he thinks, help his campaign, was quick to jump on the Fields’ bandwagon saying, it was “..a consequence of the abusive culture of Trump’s campaign. It’s a very sad development..when you have a campaign built on personal attacks and physical violence..and it has no place in our democracy. A real man never attacks woman,,” As Stephan Molyneux points out, I wonder how Cruz is going to go up against Killery. This is the same Lyin’ Ted who coordinated with one of his many super PACs to attack Mrs. Trump and imply she was a slut to the voters of Utah.

    So, Menderman, do you really believe that Fields was “strongly grasped by the arm and nearly thrown to the ground..only able to keep (her) balance..”? It didn’t happen. It wasn’t even close to happening. It sounds as if you think Lewandowski should remember her and an incident based on her psychotic false memory (or lie, actually).

    You’re going to hear alot of stuff about this tomorrow about how she only wanted an apology and the Trump campaign made her file a complaint. The problem is if Lewandowski had apologized to her, she would have boxed him into admitting he’d done something wrong.

  26. TO Menderman

    Your “he lied, so they’re even,” schtick is reminiscent of the folks who defended Bill Clinton’s indefensible “depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is” cr*p.

    Michelle “Psych B!tch Attention Whore” Fields made her claim UNDER OATH (though even that was toned down from her earlier off-the-cuff ‘he wanted t throw me down’ lie).

    Lewandowski was responding to some reporter’s question and was not any legal statement. His job was to protect Trump, so he focuses on Trump, not on every other person squeezing past.

    Equating the two is desperate.
    You should stop that nonsense.

  27. BB, the only job government creates is dependency.
    Trump wants to quit the job making bit and become a politician.
    Or are you talking about the “make work” stuff like the $10B he is offering the unions to get their vote with his little pork project on the border? By the way, Hillary has matched that so Trump has started to indicate that it may be more than $10B.
    Or, are you talking about all the jobs lawyers (your favorite group) will get suing news outlets that say anything negative about politicians, as he has promised.
    Where in the constitution does it give the president the authority to create jobs? It was allowed in the Soviet constitution, why not ours?
    Venezuela allows it, works for them, doesn’t it?
    Advocating for socialism is not a good idea Brad, go back to agitating for dildo rights.

  28. That’s why Trump did not fire him because Trump knew it was a bogus hit. The reporter is out of a job and probably won’t get hired any where. Good, justice has been served! GO TRUMP!

  29. Where’s Grandstanding Gloria AllRED getting more airtime for herself and her “clients” to make more slanderous accusations of abuse by Ted Cruz ??

  30. “…his [TRUMP’s] little pork project on the border.”
    – JohnS

    Good to hear you admit you don’t care about American Security.

  31. Czar, I do care about our security.
    Giving the unions $10B to finish a project that will only cover 1/2 the border and that is already over 60% complete, and is already in progress equals doing less than nothing.
    It amounts to pandering to a group as cover to bribe the unions.
    We have a wall here in CA. You know what? It accomplishes next to nothing as people are allowed freely across the border without passport or even ID.
    Peddle that crap to the dumb northerners that don’t have a clue.
    Talk to me when Trump advocates requiring everyone crossing into this country to have a valid visa. I am being rhetorical, Mr. Touchback would never even consider that.
    I listen to what the man says, not the papers posted on his website.
    You might try doing that, it would help you understand who you are supporting.

  32. BB That was cute.
    You phrased your answer so as to be technically correct and misleading.
    A fence without any breaks or openings is a concept I would expect that even you would find odd.
    Then again maybe not. After all you support government takeover of industry.
    Also, I am aware of 3 areas where there is no CA fence due to the terrain being so difficult to traverse that not only is it near impossible to erect there, but only drones dropping drugs cross and a fence won’t stop them.

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