Now I’ve Heard Everything


Sound waves have a shape – those shapes have a distinctive sound. Here are some basic sound waveforms. Just listen to a few so you get the idea, and then scroll down. Trust me.

See the picture below?

That is a hair. It has a shape. What would this hair sound like if it was converted to a sound wave?

Well, thanks to a Japanese composer, we know. He made sounds for a website devoted to women’s grooming from the shapes of hair, but not just any hair. It was from hair down there.

That’s right, you’re listening to Japanese women’s pubes. (Why wasn’t that bomb stronger?)


DJ from hip hop unit m-flo creates song dedicated “To the world’s crotch.”

It’s definitely a unique sound. Wild yet elegant, plaintive, but possessing an undeniably confident sensuality. You might even detect an organic, even feminine feel to it, perhaps a product of 15 women who played critical roles in “In Motion’s” creation.

Those women aren’t musicians, though, but instead volunteers who donated their pubic hair, the curvaceous outlines of which were mapped as sound waves which form the melody onto which Takahashi dropped a beat.


ht/ The Big Owe

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  1. they purr like kittens. (just as i thought)

    but wait, do male pubes sound like kitties? Or did he only play female pubes?

  2. I decided to erase first comment beforeposting. A bit much for this site. Summery….30 years listening to my wifes. Never heard a peep. 😉

  3. I’ve been using various Oscilloscopes for years and had no idea the volume control
    needed turned up.
    Just bought a new TEKTRONIX I’m sure it will work.

  4. I call BS! That is a audio sysnthesizer
    that has been around {in one form or another}
    since the Moody Blues.They are capable of making
    billions of different audio frequencies{20-20,000}
    hertz and combinations and harmonics of those tones.
    The pix of the 4 wave forms bring me back to electronics
    school.The rest of the story is something I would only
    discuss with my buddies around a camp fire with stoogies & strong whiskey…

  5. DJ from hip hop unit m-flo creates song dedicated “To the world’s crotch.”

    A study in the long term effects of radiation on the male mind.

  6. There’s a smart fella on youtube that I regularly watch named AvE. Check him out if you’re into shop banter and other geeky things. At any rate, he made up some shop rulers for welding and other tasks. They require some assembly to solder together but they have useful gauges on them for measuring metal thickness, etc.

    One of the gauges measures c*nt hairs. Half blonde being the thinnest while Mediterranean is the thickest. LOL!

  7. Didn’t bother watching the video. I zoomed in on this immediately because I knew the comments would be hilarious– and I wasn’t disappointed!

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