Obama Not Commenting on Police Deaths Shows, at the very least, a Lack of Decency

Wash Examiner-

One more police officer was shot to death this week, raising the number to 16 this year, and still President Obama hasn’t mentioned the slayings or reached out to the victims, according to law enforcement.

Today, Saturday, here will be a rally in Washington for at the National Law Enforcement Memorial in support of police. Organizer Kelly Wince, president and cofounder of United For Blue, said the administration hasn’t indicated it plans to be there.


Drop dead Obama.

14 Comments on Obama Not Commenting on Police Deaths Shows, at the very least, a Lack of Decency

  1. More proof he absolutely loves turmoil and destruction. It just isn’t in most people nature to want to destroy, but it IS his nature. I am not sure I can name anything that he has done that helps the long term outlook for this country.

    That would be a LMAO SNL skit. Do the Celebrity Jeopardy skit again and have “Obongo Policy Successes” and “Hitlary Policy Successes” as two of the categories.

  2. “Obama Not Commenting on Police Deaths Shows, at the very least, a Lack of Decency:

    Obama has never been decent – ever. He has no proper upbringing, he has no class, and he has that entitlement mentality. I’ve never been so embarrassed for a first family as I have been of the Obama and the Mooche. I just want them to go away and never be seen or heard from again.

  3. Two weeks ago my son got a 911 call from a very elderly lady who reported “the cable guys” had been to her house and took her box. What they had done was installed a new box & cables (at the behest of HER son) and gave her a new remote, which she was confused about. My son showed her how to use the remote and then brought her empty garbage cans back to the house for her. She hugged him and gave him some candy bars which he took back to the station. For the sake of his wife and 9 mo. old daughter, I hope all of his days are like this.

  4. I dislike blanket statements, “all this are good”, “all that are bad”. There are good peace officers and bad LEOs. Individual records need to be scrutinized, and then bouquets and brickbats can be cast.

  5. That being said, O’Bolo, by his achievements (or lack of), has repeatedly, and continues to, prove himself an utter whale turd douche.

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