Police Officer Reassigned After Truthful Tweet

The guy has THREE followers, made 11 tweets in just over a year, and he was sought out and destroyed for having an opinion that is probably the majority opinion in America.

By the way, the account is a ghost. It doesn’t say it was pulled down, it says it doesn’t exist.


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  1. Some enterprising police department needs to hire all of these “outcasts.”

    The town folk would be well represented and thankful.
    I don’t just mean white people. Anyone who wants to live in a lawful society.


  2. From the link: “…acting Portland Police Chief Donna Henderson. “This post is in no way a reflection on how members of the Portland Police Bureau view these community groups or their peaceful expression of free speech…”

    Remember boys and girls, the police can lie to you and the law says that’s OK.

    If you lie to the police that is a CRIME.

    I would venture the police statement quoted above is a lie.

  3. There is a BLM protest scheduled in Seattle from 1pm-10pm this Friday at Westlake Center. Westlake like a big paved park with room for a holiday carousel, places to sit etc… but it’s also a 3 story mall surrounded by landmark stores like Nordstrom.

    They plan to disrupt the tree lighting. Normal people wanting to take their kids to Santa, see the tree lighting, ride the carousel are going to get mixed up in this nonsense.

    May Day and the day after Thanksgiving, excuse me, Black Friday are for protesting now, my bad.

    BTW who has time to protest for 9 friggin’ hours?

  4. I worked as a union janitor at Meier and Frank in Lloyd’s Center in Portland in 1971-72 before I joined the Navy. I was making $2.71 an hr., woo hoo! The minimum wage was then $1.65 an hr. My how times have changed, you couldn’t pay me enough to live in Portland now. We had a black guy on our crew named John Babatunde from Kenya who was an foreign exchange student at a local college, he was a good guy and quite a talented runner as well.

  5. Question- if a tea party was planned the same say as a BLM protest 1st- would it even be allowed but 2nd- which event would have the biggest show of force? Probably the tea party.

    What a nightmare.

  6. “If you lie to the police that is a CRIME.”

    Not to be argumentative but in general terms, this is incorrect.

    While lying to “federal” law enforcement is a crime flat out (Martha Stewart), lying to local police, depending on state statute, is not. The stipulation being that is the lie intended to obstruct the investigation, harbor a fugitive, and/or such to which makes the person an involved party of/to the crime. If someone says, “I didn’t see anything,” that doesn’t influence the case. If someone lies and it can be proven that it was done in an effort to misdirect the investigation, then they may possibly shown to be either: an accomplice, possibly an accessory, or maybe independently just trying to delay, resist, or obstruct. Depends on the involvement that can be proven, and a pretty high bar to be established on the local level.

  7. George Soros is paying them to foment civil unrest.

    It’s their job.

    PS I would pray for George Soros’ demise, but he has two sons who would take over the family business with no disruption in “services”.

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