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  1. I obviously and seriously misjudged Ted Cruz.
    This pisses me off. Ted Cruz is dead to me.
    He has shown me that he is not man enough to do the right thing…..which is wholeheartedly endorse and support Trump in all ways, shapes, forms and matters.

  2. And if we don’t proclaim Trump! the best person to ever run for office, we’re condemned as #NeverTrump. It’s almost as bad to point out Trump’s flaws for the GOP base than it is to point out Mohammed’s flaws in Saudi Arabia.

    It’s as if someone said, “Anybody can beat Hillary!” and somebody else said, “Let’s test that hypothesis; let’s find the worst person we possibly can who’s still just a little bit better than Hillary.”

    The base has always voted for a flawed Republican because the alternative was worse; Romney, McCain, both Bushes, Ford, etc. I know nobody’s perfect, but come on now!

  3. geeknerd,

    Here’s the deal shit head. Number one people that are backing Trump are not of the opinion he walks on water. Cruz fanatics like yourself however do believe Cruz walks on water and is the salvation of everything good and decent. Problem is he could have never gotten elected. Most people don’t like the asshole. So don’t make it sound like people that are behind Trump are blindly following him. Quite the opposite. and we do have a right to get excited about our candidate. Teddy? He’s so butt hurt right now I wish he’d switch parties. The best man came out of the process on top. And that’s Trump. He’s our ony chance to beat Hillary. Always was. And now Cruz is doing his best to knee cap him. Cruz is being a DICK.

  4. Don’t bother, Geeknerd. You can’t even QUESTION the Orange One without getting blasted. The hard core Trump supporters act like Obamabots, only more vicious. And yes, Corvair, I hear a lot of dems point out Killary’s flaws.

    I find it interesting you guys are still going after Cruz. He must have more power than you are willing to admit, but no, not to get Killary elected because he didn’t suck TD’s balls.

    Your Messiah is not perfect, guys. Sorry we dare to point it out to you. That doesn’t make us #NeverTrumpers. Doesn’t mean we won’t hold our integrity and vote for him. We just see the Emperor has no clothes.

  5. Stephanie, You too. Layout his flaws. I’m sick and tired of you idiots saying shit like this and when you ask for specifics we get more petty orange jokes and stupid generalizations. Spit it out, what’s the deal. Give me a policy of his you don’t like.

  6. Here we go again. Cruz is evil.
    “Ass Clowns” freak’n ban me!
    WTF you can’t say anything negative about Trump yet you still find a way to piss of the Cruz supporters that are going to vote for Trump.
    Now watch the usual group of haters call me Tokyo Rose blah blah
    Geeknerd you will never win on this site. Go to moonbattery.com

  7. Amazing how you claim we are making generalizatios about you, Steph, but in so doing, you just burp out generalizations about those of us who are happy to support Trump in November. So let me clue you in, sweet cheeks. I was strongly critical of Trump during the primaries. I voted for Cruz. Cruz lost. Big. Trump won. Policy-wise, Trump and Cruz were pretty much aligned. I got behind Trump — at first because he wasn’t Killary. But now, I enthusiastically support Trump because I started listening to him and not to what snotty, name-calling “principled” anti-Trump pundits said about him. I went to the source, and ignored the bullshit spewed by the Enslaved Press and repated with vicious glee by anti-Trump websites.

    In fact, why don’t you read my column “Never Trumpers: Listen Up.” That is, if you actually want to get past your generalized prejudices. It’s up to you. You may not want to, and that’s cool. Some people find ignorance is bliss.


  8. Kind of like Trump endorsing McCain. Or Trump breaking his pledge first
    or Like Ted’s Dad killed Kennedy. Give the I hate Ted Cruz shit a rest.
    I didn’t see Trump fighting against McConnell and Boehner!

  9. @Geeknerd

    Stifle it, Edith. At this moment, Trump has the momentum, Hillary is sick, scandal-ridden and incommunicado. Obama is halfway around the world working on his legacy. For once, the MSM has no bullshit with which to hammer Trump back down in the polls. And then along comes bad penny Ted to stink up the joint. Can you see where serious opponents of Hillary might be a little miffed?

  10. Dianny,
    Exactly. And what’s compounded the problem is places like the Scoop, or Levin, Etc Etc that I think are trying to milk Cruz fanaticism for all it’s worth financially. I don’t see that working out so well. But by all means keep pouring gas on the fire and inadvertently helping elect Hillary. It’s insane.

  11. “Or Trump breaking his pledge first”

    Bull Shit Einstein. How could Trump Break the pledge first? The pledge was support the nominee. Did I miss something? You people keep coming up with this off the wall desperate shit and nobody can take you seriously.

  12. Dianny, did you actually write with a straight face that Trumps policies and Teds line up as almost the same! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am voting for the lesser evil but policy wise he is nowhere near Ted.

  13. Brad, nothing desperate about it.
    Trump started walking back that pledge early and often.
    Cool it with the revisionist history.
    Trump wouldn’t have endorsed Ted either.
    At this point, what difference does it really make?

  14. Loco. Are you drinking already? Did Trump break his word to support the nominee? YES or NO. There’s only one correct answer here, and it aint that tuff.

  15. Secure the border. Strengthen military. Lower taxes. Reduce government regulations. Defeat radical Islam. Repeal Obamacare. Overturn Obama’s unconstitutional Exec Amnesty. Am I typing slowly enough for you to keep up, chuckles?

  16. Dianny, There is one big difference, Cruz is a Globalist and was dead set against renegotiation of the trade deals and bringing back manufacturing to OUR country.

  17. From your link JTucker…..On March 30, of this year, FOX News (also known as “Trump News”) reported (emphasis added to make it easy for Trumpists to understand):

    Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…you with her?

    Anyhoo – since he won, we will never know . Sorry big guy

  18. “I am voting for the lesser evil, but…”

    Don’t care about your but. And the part before your but is a red flag here. Just to fill you in if you missed that thread.

  19. Brad, Mr.ArtOfTheDeal had Cruz beat handily yet decided to attack personally and forever poison that well.
    Same thing with McCain.
    Trump said something extremely stupid and now Meghan McCain gets to mercilessly bash Trump three hours a day five days a week on radio, plus her Fox news appearances.

    Trump has fucked shit up along the way but he looks to be on the right track now.
    My problem is people that have forgotten his mistakes but remember everyone else’s.

  20. J Tucker, That lacks so much logic I don’t even now why I’m bothering to respond. When was Cruz, or anybody else but Trump, the nominee? Next week, try Mad Magazine.

  21. I voted for Cruz (AZ). I now support Trump. I would support him because he is not a criminal, deranged, and perhaps treasonous, D. AND I support him even more lately, as he is turning out to be impressive.

    The only reason I brought up my vote for Cruz is to point out that there is no reason for me to have done so.

    And there is no reason for me to know who you used to support.

    The race is between a flawed Trump, and HRC – a clear and present danger to US.

  22. “Trump has fucked shit up along the way but he looks to be on the right track now.
    My problem is people that have forgotten his mistakes but remember everyone else’s.”

    NO. How much money did he spend on his campaign vs everyone else. He did it by always being in the news. By being controversial. Most of us recognized this right away. It provided for some damn good laughs. He used, abused, and screwed the media and never even gave them a kiss. It will go down as a brilliant campaign. And poor old Teddy got run over by the Trump Train.

  23. You can stop whining now, cruisers. Ted is out, period. The choices are Trump or Clinton. Yes, you can go third party if you want Hillary to be Prez, but you can just be honest and straight up admit you want her, or you can keep pointing out Trump’s flaws.
    Trump kept his word, even when the establishment cucks didn’t, and saying he would not have supported Cruz is just unproven speculation, and you Cruzbots are too cowardly to admit it.

  24. Dr_TSPC, there’s a name for you and people like you that went through the same experience. PATRIOT. The common good is getting Trump elected. And unfortunately Cruz’s old infrastructure is fighting that. And there’s a few people that get upset when it’s addressed.

  25. Holy crap none of us Cruz supporters that like this site would have said anything but they posted this picture and we are not allowed to say anything. Reminds me of China Russia etc. Frankly i like the picture of Trump and the Clinton’s at his wedding better! Cruz is “establishment”
    that is simply genius.

  26. I still don’t get it. Why did crooz cave in? He seemed like a Constitutional conservative, what happened? Now I consider him a coward.

  27. If you go to Ted Cruz’s website you are directed to Donald Trump’s. This site is as biased as any pro-Hillary site on the web

  28. Link jpm?

    The fight for the White House doesn’t include Cruz. So unless you live in TX being Cruz supporter is as useless as a wooden frying pan.

  29. LocoBlancoSaltine – once again, you and I are in complete agreement, and once again we will get bashed for daring to point certain things out.

    I initially supported Cruz, but I was not a “true believer” as accused above. Cruz, lost, Trump won, so I am now supporting Trump for president because “neverHillary.”

    However, I fail to see why posts such as this are necessary. It is just Cruz-bashing and I don’t see what purpose it serves, other than to needle people who once supported him. Is it helping Trump get elected? How?

    And once again, judging by the comments above, anyone who feels this way is supposed to just take it and shut up. Nice way to drive long-time readers away from this site.

  30. I didn’t mean to post as Anonymous, but I thought of leaving it because I don’t really care to see the venom that will result, but I’ll own the post because I am a long-time reader and the more I see crap like this, the more I will stay away. I’m not crying over Cruz losing. Why do you keep posting this s**t?

  31. Funny how when we ran the interview with the crazy ass woman who is still looking to unseat Trump and replace him with Ted Cruz none of the Cruz lurkers said a thing.

    But when illustr8r does a piece commenting on how Ted Cruz has still not made a statement that Trump should be supported over Hillary, you have something to say.

    Is the point here to make sure Cruz is protected at all costs or is it to defeat Hillary?

    As I see it, the people saying they are going to vote for Trump, but get all Chris Crocker with Cruz, if given a choice they wouldn’t vote for Trump if it meant that Cruz couldn’t be elected in 8 years.

    In other words, if they were told, magically, that defeating Hillary would mean Cruz would never be president, they would allow Hillary to be president for 8 years just to get to Cruz.

    Having said that, I was on the fence about posting this, because I felt the timing might not be quite right. I wrestled with “are we poking the Cruz backers and risking having them retreat and simply support Hillary out of spite?”

    And then I realized what I was thinking.
    Am I nuts?
    Why should I play to a crowd that could actually do that?

    I should be able to press Cruz 24/7 for the next 2 months in order to get him to do the right thing and a sane person that cares about this country would still vote for Trump no matter how annoyed it made them.
    Any other attitude is simply emotional charged, like an adolescent girl.

  32. How is this crap and shit?

    We are concerned that Cruz will never make a statement that Trump should be supported over the corrupt, progressive, criminal Hillary Clinton.

    How is that off the table?

    I’m being serious here.
    We’re supposed to just sit back and accept that this statement will never be made? And any editorializing on the subject is met with threats that you can no longer hang around?

    Listen to yourself.

    From my view it seems like if Ted Cruz does endorse Trump you will all be pissed at Cruz.

  33. —–I initially supported Cruz, but I was not a “true believer” as accused above. Cruz, lost, Trump won, so I am now supporting Trump for president because “neverHillary.”—–

    How can you people fail to see that Cruz doesn’t even display the love for county you do by now supporting Trump? Many of us were Cruz supporters…and Walker, Paul, Perry, Jindal, Carson, Santorum….who all are anti-Hillary Trump supporting patriots. Cruz/Fiorina , Bush, Kascih, Graham are not . Your loyalty is misplaced .

  34. Cruz has yet to say something about the Nevertrump business. Like I said last week, if he doesn’t denounce the ratfucking of Trump, I’m done with Cruz. And you know what? Here we are days and days later and he hasn’t said one fucking word about the ad that’s supposed to come out in the swing states ratfucking Trump. WHY? Why won’t he make a statement?

    Well let ME make a statement. I voted for him in the primaries (Trump was my 3rd pick) and now I’m done with Cruz. No more give him a chance to say something, no more hoping he’ll do the right thing and call of the dogs, etc.
    He can enjoy his butthurt and hold on to his bitter feelings for the rest of his fucking life like Al Gore for all I care.

    I’ve washed my hands of Cruz.

  35. Callie, perhaps you missed the Ted site with the pic of Hillary with a caption reading ‘Next president of the U.S.’, or his Senate.org site with the vid of him avoiding a question about his lack of support for Trump?

    Next question?

  36. riverlife_callie- No offense, but the post isn’t about Cruz supporters. It’s about Cruz himself.
    Not you, or anyone who supports or had supported Cruz. This is about his actions or lack of action- not about people who voted for him.

  37. BFH – I’m disappointed in you. In your two comments above – NO – I would not sit it out if I heard Cruz could get elected in 8 years. We don’t have 8 years, and I don’t even know if I could ever support Cruz again. And, If Cruz does endorse Trump, you think I will be pissed at Cruz? Really? Have you gone off the deep end? I am not loyal to Cruz as much as I am tired of being told, by implication if nothing else, that to have supported Cruz makes me a fool and a traitor and pro-Hillary. That’s what I see when I see posts like this. Why keep picking at the wound? I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. I’m not defending Cruz. I think he should put aside his very valid anger at Trump (Kennedy assassination, really??) and do the right thing for the country. I just wish this venom would end.

  38. The public overwhelmingly voted and supported Trump.
    If IF Cruz was the guy I thought he was, he would have supported Trump against Hillary even though he doesn’t like him.

    Cruz owes it to the Americans he supposedly cares for to keep this bitch out of office.
    It isn’t about who we like, it’s about Clinton’s ideology. We’re trying to stop her. And he isn’t lifting a finger to do it. Why???

  39. There are 3 months to go before the election.

    As a tea partier, I’m shocked that I am sick of Mark Levin talking about the Constitution.
    It’s being rolled up like a newspaper to swat the noses of Trump supporters.

    Ted Cruz is smart.
    He was my first choice in the primaries.
    I looked forward to the debates between him and Hillary.
    It didn’t happen.

    The BroMance blew up.

    Trump is smart. AND charismatic.
    “Why not Trump?” He grew on me.
    I worry about the debates between him and Hillary.
    Trump happened.

    What about Mike Pence? Good choice, yes?
    What about the Supreme Court? Do you want Hillary to put Michelle on the Court?
    What about his advisors? Newt, Rudi…smart men.

    The media throws everything at Trump and it generally bounces off and he goes up in the polls.
    Trump threw random crap at Cruz and he melted like Scut Farkus.
    If Cruz was in Trump’s place- he’d be covered in mud.

    Reality show- It’s Trump or Hillary.
    Still waffling?

  40. River- If you’re upset with Cruz, why do you care so much? Because it reminds you you made the decision to vote for Cruz and now you’re disappointed? So what? I did too!
    This isn’t about picking at scabs, this is about pointing out HE is wrong HE is doing the wrong thing. Not US. Not the people who voted for him.

  41. At first I supported Cruz, he lost the nomination. So now I’m all in for Trump! Because 4 to 8 years of Killary would be the final nail in the coffin of this great country. I’m not waiting for Cruz for nothing, he had his chance.

  42. Listen, separate yourself from the fact that you voted for Cruz for what he was back then. I did.
    It isn’t worth the anguish now lol. No shame in voting for someone because you thought he was the right guy before.
    Things have changed, but you don’t have to own what Cruz is doing NOW.
    That’s the difference.

  43. This comment cracks me up —–>

    J Tucker
    Here we go again. Cruz is evil.

    “Ass Clowns” freak’n ban me!
    WTF you can’t say anything negative about Trump, yet you still find a way to piss of the Cruz supporters that are going to vote for Trump.
    Now watch the usual group of haters call me Tokyo Rose blah blah
    Geeknerd you will never win on this site. Go to moonbattery.com


    Yes, go to Moonbattery. Dave is #NeverTrump.
    That’s the perfect place for someone that says he is voting for Trump.

    That we have little tolerance for #NeverTrump makes us the crazy site. We’re nuts!!!! We want Hillary defeated and we want all people on the right help with that cause.

    And this is Dave’s numbers.

    This PAINS ME. I like Moonbattery. And even though he is NeverTrump I continue to link him, and support him.
    I do not want to see this happen to them. It’s obvious they are on the wrong side of what the people want and believe.
    Same with RightScoop.
    They are in a nose dive as well.
    But I like Scoop, too.
    The things they say about Trump and his supporters are brutal.
    But I still link them, because I still think they are going to get it right.
    Maybe I’m a naive idiot.

  44. MJA – before the whole “Cruz won’t endorse Trump” fiasco, and before Trump won the nomination, I’m sure you recall a lot of the ugliness that was going back and forth in the comments here. Guess I just haven’t forgotten it. But I try to put it behind me and every time I do, I see stuff like this.

    Anyway, I get what you’re saying about Cruz needing to man up and do the right thing and I agree. So sorry if I had a knee-jerk reaction.

  45. But I like Scoop

    Not long ago all ten of his fanatics threatened to tar and feather Trump supporters if Trump lost. Kinda makes your mind hurt dont it.

  46. Cruz people, what are you clinging to?

    There are only two post election realities:
    President Clinton or President Trump

    Your vote for Trump is the only way to prevent there from being a President Clinton.

    No Brainer.

  47. riverlife_callie,

    What I can be accused of is spending lots and lots of time at NeverTrump sites.
    If you did the same you’d understand where I am coming from.

    There are different levels of Trump supporters and non-supporters.
    My assessment of Trump seems to piss many off on this site so I tend to avoid the subject.
    I suspect our opinion of Trump is probably only a few degrees of separation.

    I leaned toward Cruz during the primary and actually encouraged others on this site when the chips looked down for Cruz that there was a pathway for victory.
    I must confess, though, before Indiana I had already decided to back Trump. He won me over because people targeted his jingoism and nationalism as a flaw, and he never wavered from his message that America’s best days could be ahead of us if we choose a new path. I don’t view that as a flaw.
    And then I heard people calling him a racist, while his message was to rise all boats regardless of color because that is the only way to move this country forward.
    That is my belief. I want everyone to be happy and successful and be law abiding, and if not, well protected.
    I could go on, but I’m going to cut this short.
    In short, I think he can be a giant doucheball, and he has a big ego, and a thin skin.
    But in a world where problems are stark and un-nuanced, I want a guy who has stark ideas on how to correct it.
    “We are going to blow the shit out of ISIS.”
    That’s my guy.

    So, maybe I have little patience for all the nuanced levels of support for Trump, the complicated types like Menderman and JohnS.

    If you’re voting for Trump, great. Leave it at that. I don’t want to hear a story.

    And if putting pressure on Cruz to do the right thing is uncomfortable for some here, I don’t know what to say.
    It is very important for me to see to it that we have everyone capable of rowing the boat to be rowing the boat.

    The theory about the motivations behind the reluctant Trump supporter who is still very protective of Cruz is not targeted at anyone specific.
    But, as I always say, you can’t be offended if the shoe doesn’t fit.

    I apologize to anyone who is offended by our posts, but I’m trying to get Hillary defeated and Trump elected.
    I don’t know who can quibble with that, Ted Cruz be damned. We need Ted Cruz and his supporters, despite what the douchebag Trump said.

  48. @BFH – sure glad it’s your job to spend time at those sites and not mine. I don’t think I could take the delusions. That’s why I stopped visiting Right Scoop.

    “I suspect our opinion of Trump is probably only a few degrees of separation.” – I expect you’re right. I also agree with your last sentence .

    BTW, you do know that the tedcruz.com site is a fake, right?

  49. I’ll take your word about having faith in Right Scoop, Fur.

    Because, IMO, they have gone bat shit crazy and are the worst of NT-ism. I’d like to slap the shit out of them. One at a time, so I can make it count.

    Moonbattery is not visited by me as much as I used to – for the same reason. They’ve lost their weather vane and are spinning wildly trying and trying to find a steady course.

    Both are on a course for the Niagra Falls from what I can tell.

  50. ”We need Ted Cruz and his supporters, despite what the douchebag Trump said.”

    whaaaaaa? ….. “….the DOUCHEBAG TRUMP … “ ????!!!!

    time out. can I get a clarification from the scorekeeper here?

  51. I’m not going to sit here and deny that Trump says douchebaggy things.
    He should never have said he can win without the Cruz supporters and the NeverTrump people.

    I winced when he said that.
    He needs EVERY vote he can get. That is the number one credo of any politician.
    I believe he needs them, otherwise why would they upset me so?

    I also say “douchebag Trump” to illustrate to the weirdos on this site that say we collectively gargle Trump’s nutsack that we don’t.

    I don’t worship any politician, and that goes for Trump.

    You know, the more I think about it, what’s wrong with being the good kind of douchebag?
    Trump is a little like the douchebag in literature that ultimately proves everyone wrong.

    And I do believe that this douchebag just might be the one to change the course of this country, and for the good.

    We need our swagger back.
    Let’s Make America Douchebags Again.

  52. “Trump is a little like the douchebag in literature that ultimately proves everyone wrong.”

    You just convinced me you don’t understand the appeal of Trump with that sentence. Riddle me this, when is a douche bag not a douche bag?

  53. I think there’s a big divide that remains between Pro Trump and Anti Hillary voters. And yes there’s a difference. In my heart of hearts I beleive this is one of the very few people alive that can straighten our shit out. And his biggest assets are he a world class businessman, not a politician, and above all I beleive he loves this country.

  54. Fur, if you dig into the minutiae behind the Monster Vote, you’ll find that Trump can be down by nearly 10M votes and still win against the D’s. Hard to believe, but there it is. When Trump said he could win without the #NT vote, he wasn’t making idle threats or freighting his words with some sort of unspoken dig or challenge. He just stated it as a matter of fact the way one tells a recalcitrant child something it doesn’t want to hear. He didn’t say it to incite fervor or motivate. One of my least favorite sayings in all the world, but true more likely than not: “It is what it is.” I suppose, too, at that point he — like most of us — are simply tired of arguing against the intractable defiance of #NT and have moved on to plan B, which in Trump’s case is to go very sincerely and strongly after people who will listen and don’t have an axe to grind. The black vote for Trump will be an absolute eye-popper and many will never believe the numbers, even when the evidence is irrefutable. Watch.

  55. lmao ….. thank you for the clarification …. yes I take your point… to a point,…. Trump is a ‘douchebag’

    just a thought though … ‘douchebag’ brings up such negative connotations as a mewing, sleazy, slimy …. you know, … like a democrat …. or … Raphael T. Cruz
    …maybe … ‘dick’ would have been more appropriate in this context… Trump is a ‘dick’ …. not that that’s a bad thing …. 😉

  56. River- Yeah, I know but for all the mean spirited stuff was thrown at Cruz or the Cruz supporters here, just as many gave back. And on the outside, I saw just as bad from the Cruz side as I saw from the Trump side. But you know what? I am STILL friends with the people I argued with. As a matter of fact, I’m even still talking to that asshole Bad_Brad after all this. ( hee hee) In the end, throwing Hillary down the stairs is all that matters. And I would say the same thing if it were Chris Christie or John McCain (spit) in the R position.

    And Fur:
    ” I’m not going to sit here and deny that Trump says douchebaggy things.
    He should never have said he can win without the Cruz supporters and the NeverTrump people.”

    As a Cruz person at the time I was like- WTF??? Then I calmed down and when I was done being mad I thought that was funny as hell.
    Yeaaah it was douchey, but I also laughed when he said Cruz’s dad was involved in the JFK assassination and how Cruz was the Zodiac killer (he didn’t start it, btw , the meme was going on for years before). And have mercy, he compared Ben Carson to a serial killer! What we are witnessing is some world-class trolling. Ben Carson knew. lol. We have never seen this from a presidential candidate before and it caused many of us to clutch the pearls and faint. LOL

    I’m looking forward to some more trolling at the debates. Hillary gives plenty of material. And since he obviously uses twitter and facebook, you people might want to give him some ideas, draw a picture, make a video and post that shit on his timeline. Because Hillary needs to… Well, I’m gonna shut up because Secretion Service may be reading the site instead of picking up hookers or something.

  57. Riddle me this, when is a douche bag not a douche bag?>>>

    When he proves everyone wrong, just like I said.

    You’re doing a good job of proving the point of some of the anti-Trump people who make the charge that nothing bad can be said about Trump, and I’m not even saying anything controversial.

    When Trump goes on one of his jags and says he’s going to provide so much winning that we’ll be sick of winning, and he knows more about ISIS than the generals, etc., it’s pretty douchey.

    When will it not be douchey?
    When he proves to all the naysayers that he was telling the truth.
    If he doesn’t, he’s a douche.
    That’s the way it works.

  58. OK, let’s Look at this from a different direction. What politician that is currently elected on the federal level is not a douche bag. Honestly I can’t think of one. Troy Gowdy? Fuck that guy all talk no action. Who did Ttump run against that’s not a douche bag. I think there’s two. Ben Carson and Hucksbee. What are they currently doing? Rudy is no douche, he’s a patriot what’s he doing right now? Is Cruz a douche? You bet your ass. Is Trump a douche? I guess the worst you could say is he’s an unproven douche. Ted Cruz is a DFL. Is Sheriff Clarke a douche? There’s a possability Trump will be a yuge disappointment. What better choice have we ever had for turning this country around?

  59. Well, it sure ain’t a Gadsen.
    It’s either “cowardice,”
    or just his peed-on handkerchief on a stick.

  60. I just want to see Trump win at this point to see these die hard supporters who have just dismissed his past not do any of the things he is promising. I can’t wait this time next year to hear the excuses why it ain’t happening. Cruz knows it ain’t gonna happen. I know it ain’t gonna happen and so do millions of others but we just hate Hillary more luckily for the Trumpsters who believe in the fraud.

  61. Why post this? Trump won. Cruz lost. I thought Cruz supporters were supposed to get over it? Then the poke in the eye comes.

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