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Racist Offers No Apology

What a douchebag.

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  1. Sure. It’s a well known fact that all the worlds ills, both past and present, were/are caused by White mofo’s so it stands to reason that anything devious today is caused by White men ie, chicago shootings and the subway violence in nyc are but 2. In actuality I’m sick of hearing about it and don’t give 2 shits what people call me.

  2. Nothing good has ever happened in New Mexico except big jim green chiles and Truth night in Truth or Consequences in 1975. Now they got muslims…..

  3. Potatoes always hate other potatoes. Just one of those things.

    Shit I’ve overheard on the parking garage (and they all speak spanish)

    “Fucking Rican BITCH!” “FUCKING Ecuador BITCH!” “Fucking Mexican BITCH!”

    They are worse than Soviets. Then the muzztards? If you aren’t from some specific village where they only fuck black goats, you are a fucking infidel.

  4. The subhuman pieces of shit that subscribe to the progressive agenda are wrong about everything, why would anyone expect this to be any different?

  5. Tribalism and ethnic rivalry is a real and deadly thing in the third world. Thank *Joe and evil crew for bringing barbarian turf wars to the United States – intentional consequences of leftist policies.
    Then again, since we’re stuck with an illegal/refugee scumbag invasion, not a bad thing they eliminate each other and not American citizens whenever possible.

  6. Glad it was one of their own, they hate each other, their religion is the religion of peace – that’s what we’ve been told. Regardless I want no part of any muzzie beliefs. What the heck, different tribes of American Indians hated each other and massacred each other. Human nature never changes.


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