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Sign of the Times

Cell Phone falls out MLB player as he slides into third.

Having a cell is actually illegal on the field

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  1. You just knew it had to be a Pittsburgh Pirates….He was monitoring his phone to make sure he wouldn’t be late delivering pizzas….

  2. not to worry … this guy won’t be in MLB for long … he’s obviously got higher priorities than playing a silly game where minimum wage is over half a million $$$ per year
    (w/ paid-for-life health care after being on the roster for 41 games in the MLB)

    just part of our new narcissistic culture that can’t be bothered to follow rules, laws that would interfere w/ their particular ‘life choices’

  3. Well. on Sign of the Times theme. Full admission. My life’s tied to my cell phone. And I hate it. I get all my biz emails on it. I even have customers that text me. I’ll tell you where it doesn’t go. The gym. I’m an old school lifter on a 3 day split. These cell phone addicts are out of control. I think they are there for the free WiFi. And they are not little kids. I’ve chased many an asshole off a piece of equipment they were using to read text messages on. It’s bull shit.

  4. Agreed Brad.
    These days gym women establish residency in the squat rack.
    They add too much weight, do half-assed partial reps then spend 5 minutes on their damn phone.
    Every woman wants a giant ass for some reason these days?
    Bitches might as well stay home since they don’t know what the fuck they are doing.

  5. Didn’t you hear? Trump planted that phone under the base right before the game. The fbi is planning a raid on his ny offices as we speak.

  6. Loco

    Holy Fck, it’s the Smith machine and hip thrusters around here. I keep telling them, no guy wants a girl that could pinch their member off if the accidentally shoved it in the wrong hole. Hip thrusters weren’t a thing until about 2 years ago. Now guys are doing them. WTF? ..
    In all honesty though, the women around here out train the guys pretty easily. The guys are all pussies.

  7. True about the hip thrusters.
    Never seen or did them before.

    I always say “if you take a phone to the gym and not a towel to wipe sweat then you might as well stay home.”

    90% of the assholes at my gym have a phone and no towel.
    Fuckers never work up a sweat!

  8. “I always say “if you take a phone to the gym and not a towel to wipe sweat then you might as well stay home.”

    Truer words. There’s something going on with the testosterone levels on American males. I’m stone cold serious. A topic for another day, but somethings up.

  9. It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to get a strenuous enough workout where I’ve needed a towel. I even see a guy digging a hole in the ground and I get jealous. You guys that have your strength and health need to keep on it, it sucks as you lose it. And one more thing, what a moron that guy is with a cell phone on a MLB field!


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