Racist Posters on UW-Madison Campus Revealed to be Part of a ‘Protest’

“the posters were put up as part of a protest by students of color”

Legal Insurrection: This is so sadly typical. When the posters were found, everyone freaked out. Then it was revealed that they were placed on campus by students of color who were purportedly targeted in the racist posters. more

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  1. These are racist and evil.

    What we mean is that because they were put up by people of color, that there are other ways to express themselves, and we have resources available to help those people because we are fair-minded

  2. The leftists we gave control of our schools to (we deserve the misery) stopped teaching about the boy who cried wolf decades ago. Lying is considered a virtue now, if in furthurance of leftism.

    Quite a couple of sick and corrupt generations we are stuck with coming up behind us. They tried to ensure our early deaths with Obama are (with John Roberts help) so we can’t stave off their ruling us (we vote), so now they’re trying to kill or maim us, via antifa of the swamp rats in the federal government.

  3. The paper sign said, “4 WHITES ONLY.”

    Well, what’s wrong with that?
    If just about every other race can have its own group….

    Time for White students to troll hard back, and put up signs saying,
    “Whitey Not Welcome Here!”…
    …and see how long it takes before you hear NOTHING BUT CRICKETS.

  4. So let me get this straight …people “of color” put up racist posters to demonstrate to the white people who do not put up racist posters the kind of racism that the people of color do not experience on the liberal campus of UW-Madison that the white people are not aware of and this was done as a protest of,,.against…?

    I hope those learned folks I the campus administration can figure this out.

  5. @Redgrandma, you’re right. If it isn’t a mental disorder it’s pretty danged close. I get so tired of people who share my skin color (but choose to ignore the history of REAL racism) whine, “things are SO BAD NOW – you just don’t UNDERSTAND!!!”

    My dad was born in 1931 in rural Mississippi. He was nearly a victim of “separate but equal” education but made it into the Air Force, having to learn there all that he wasn’t taught in that “separate” school. He persevered, got out & went back to rural Mississippi, where he was promptly sent North by his family so that he wasn’t lynched for being one of those “uppity niggers” who just wanted to be treated equally.

    And don’t expect those “learned folks” at UW-M to figure it out – this is how they expect those “poor, colored folk” (although they’d never say it that way – in public) to behave. Those PCFs just can’t help themselves.

    Just nuke it from orbit; it’s the only way to be sure.

  6. I know Madison well. We in Wisconsin call it 20 square miles of idiocy surrounded by reality. These Madison libs are rabid dogs. They foam at the mouth from the moment they rise out of bed every day. They hate everyone and every thing. Madison is loon central. I personally think it is mad cow disease.

  7. You could fix the problem by putting a “For Whites ONLY!” sign at the caldera of a live volcano. The idiots would pour in.


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