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Rarely Heard 1976 Song Covered by Kids

Head East – Never Been Any Reason

This song is becoming sort of a cult classic. There are many “reaction” videos to a new generation hearing it for the first time, and for some reason it is well liked.

Here’s the original-

I searched for a live version, not really knowing the band all too well. I stumbled on these kids covering it at a festival in Chicago.

They nailed it- (needs more cowbell)

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  1. Always loved that song. It’s one of those that, thankfully, was not overplayed and worn out. Still exciting to hear. A local band where I grew up covered this song very well. As an aside, and related to an earlier thread, I got to meet John Schlitt (former Head East vocalist) in my former occupation. Great guy. I’m sure he was impressed with me, too.

  2. As I recall Head East came from that part of the country and they got their name from their ROADIE who was stoned at the time trying to give them directions to someplace.

  3. My fourteen year old’s friends were in my albums a couple weeks ago. Something like 25 Iggy Pop albums in there. About half of them Japanese imports. It appeared to me as though they were contemplating building a shrine from them.

    The Queen albums are real popular with them too. My daughter prefers AC/DC, Dusty Springfield and Glen Campbell so far as I can tell from when she is in there by herself listening to records from my collection.

    I have a Hafler PH 500 hooked to a pair of Speakerlab 4s in there and there are rules that are strictly enforced regarding volume.

  4. Former Sacramento County Sheriff John Mcginness opens and closes his afternoon radio show with this song – proving cops can be hep cats too. Challenging vocals on karaoke for sure these girls do it justice.

  5. Originally bought Flat as a Pancake because Head East was basically a local band. (University of Illinois – I know, they actually started in Carbondale). The youngsters here nailed it with their version.

  6. JDhasty, you need a pair of Bose 901 speakers to crank that baby up to warp factor 9. My best friend bought those Bose 901’s when he was in the Navy back in the 70’s. Man, could you ever crank those puppies up and be heard a long distance away. That’s why probably both of our hearing sucks, that and working around jet aircraft while in the Navy

  7. My daughter was about 15, got home from an evening out with her buds, asked Sweetie and me “Omigosh, have you guys ever heard of a group called ‘Boston’???
    We did grin.

  8. Nice hearing young people make some good music.

    I don’t care if they get a choreographer. Having them just groove to the tunes is what makes it for me. Choreographed dance routines makes it seem plastic to me.

    I must say that I don’t recall ever hearing the song before.

  9. Ditto on the Bose 901 speakers. They were the bomb when I was overseas in the USAF. They could take what my Pioneer SX-939 receiver could throw at them and that wasn’t easy.

  10. Alwsys liked that song. The great vocals and guitar licks and riffs made it a favorite of mine.
    Listened to it all the time. It was played alot on local stations in my hometown during the mid-seventies. Also, my junior college booked them to play one year. Wish I had gone to the concert.
    Good to see the next generation (Alpha) are more interested in real music and not hip hop.


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