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Shell’s Gas Station of the Future

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Since the beginning of 2022, a Shell station in Fulham, England, has removed all of its gas pumps to instead offer rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers for those who need to recharge, as reported by Bloomberg.

The awnings over each charger are equipped with solar panels and can fully charge a Tesla Model 3 in about a half-hour, costing around $39.

And this “gas” station is far more luxurious than what most people are used to. 

Because charging EVs takes longer than pumping gas, the station offers more food and activities for customers while they wait. People charging their cars can get groceries, buy coffee, get their cars washed, or even take a breather in lounge chairs. Charge

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  1. The charging station in Ellensburg is at the Taco Bell. The kids frequently want to stop at Taco Bell on three day weekend trips. The smug looks have been replaced by looks of frustration on the faces of the EV wankers.

  2. “ The awnings over each charger are equipped with solar panels and can fully charge a Tesla Model 3 in about a half-hour…”

    Bullshit. The chargers may fully charge to cars in 1/2 hour, but not using the solar panels. The panels may offset somewhat, the draw from the grid, but you would need a much bigger array of them to charge a Tesla in 30 minutes.

  3. In my neck of the woods, the Chargers are at Shopping Malls.
    $39 to Recharge for Half the distance, & $300 spent at the Shopping mall as you WAIT as DESIGNED.

  4. I don’t give a sh!t about electric, it will never meet my needs for farming.
    My greatest fear is no longer being able to get diesel or gasoline for the tractor and combine. My electric bill for running the fans on the bin was $890.00 fot November. We can’t make it at those rates

  5. And the solar works on moon light now?
    Gov- I’m sorry you may not receive a charge at this time. Due to unacceptable speech. If it is an emergency please fill out form 12-b 3019 and file at nearest sub police center and wait while we process your claim. Thank you for your compliance citizen.

  6. When my dad owned and managed a full-service Shell service station from 1966 to 1982, we never would’ve dreamed that this would be the Shell station of the future. Shell built him a beautiful brand-new state of the art gas station and full-service garage with 3 bays for car repairs in 1967. We offered full service, checking your oil, cleaning the windshield etc. all along with a full auto repair shop inside the garage and all done with a smile by my dad and his hired mechanics and my 3 brothers and myself. When he lost his lease in 1982 it was torn down and became a McDonalds at a very busy intersection on Spokane’s S. hill. I don’t think he ever patronized McDonalds after that.

  7. All part of the globalist cabal’s goal to eliminate freedom of movement and freedom of association.

    Everything that can be regulated is being regulated through policies designed to destroy our personal freedoms, congregate us into urban living and control us through total dependency on abd compliance with government.

    China is the marxist model.

    Everything is on overdrive now with the loss of free and fair elections.

    The uniparty will ensure compliance with Luciferian dictates.

    The end times are rapidly approaching.


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