‘RECLAIMING MY TIME!” Dem Rep. Hank Johnson Asks Barr Questions, Doesn’t Let Him Answer


Hank Johnson (D)umbass- GA is the absolute fool who once said he thought Guam could capsize and tip over.

h/t Jackie.

23 Comments on ‘RECLAIMING MY TIME!” Dem Rep. Hank Johnson Asks Barr Questions, Doesn’t Let Him Answer

  1. Hank Johnson is one of the stupidist negroes in government. The people that elect him are the true morons!

  2. Every single asshat Democrat that asked Barr question’s was extremely rude, disrespectful and lied through their teeth about everything. 🤬

    I didn’t watch the coverage, but I heard enough to make my blood boil.

  3. …isn’t it about time for you to go join your pals Elijah and John there, Hank?

    …and take Maxine with you, don’t wanna break the Black bloc up now, do we?

    …dress light though, I hear your skinmates are enjoying REAL good central heating as part of their reward for dividing God’s creations against each other for their own personal gain for so long, you know, just like YOU do, Hank…

  4. @Bubba:
    Hank Johnson is one of the stupidist negroes in government. The people that elect him are the true morons!”

    In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Or something.

  5. How great would it be to see Barr, or anyone else, stand up say, “you sir/ma’am are a lying sack of shit!”?

  6. The democrats seem to have a corner on the market for STUPID, and we all know there is no cure for STUPID. Hank, Nancy to the head of the class.

  7. Back when Johnson was elected, I thought that no one could be a bigger moron than the low IQ individual that he primaried and replaced (Cynthia McKinney). I’m afraid I now stand corrected although it’s a bit like compariing syphilis to gonorrhea …. there isn’t enough difference to matter for practical purposes.

  8. Then, after calling him a lying sack of shit, he could announce his disgust with the democrat party and their traitorous tactics, resign, and walk out of the room! For all he has done so far that would at least make us look at him in a different light.

  9. If he couldn’t do the “lying sack of shit” line, it would’ve been nice to hear, “Congressman Johnson, every time I think of you, which isn’t often, my very first though is ‘Guam’.”

    With luck, Hank would stroke out right there in the committee room. On live TV!

  10. The democraps keep digging a deeper and deeper hole of which it will be impossible to crawl out of on election day. They have cried wolf and the sky is falling far too many times now for the fed up American people to kick their ass in November. Except that they’re totally blind and obedient only to getting back their precious power. If that happens, all bets are off, we will have a 2nd Civil War.

  11. Congressman Hank Johnson had to go to a the Thurgood Marshall School of Law to get this stupid. This is where the really smart negroes in Congress go to Reclaim Their Time on the Dementiacrat Plantation. Al Green and Hank Johnson are two prominent graduates of this Negro Law School, where common sense must not be a prerequisite for graduation. Attorney General Barr didn’t capsize and tip over either.

  12. It’s always hilarious to watch this blithering idiot speak when he thinks he’s just slaying the person he’s questioning while the reality is he only highlights his embarrassing stupidity.

  13. Hank shoulda stayed busy down in the hull of Guam sealing up the leaks with large tubes of Black Caucus from Home Depot…

  14. THAT represents GA?! He’s dumber than a can of Maxine Waters!

    If he’s late to work, it’s because the bed capsized and someone ate the bread crumbs marking the pathway.

  15. Barr could be plundered all day long and not a peep on the fake news. But if Barr misspeaks once it will be all we hear for days!


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