Reflections of Myself

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6 Dee
10 Claudia (Zoe)

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Spring pictures
Critters with party hats
Babies critter(s) with their Mom and/or Dad
Critters and military or patriotic


19 Comments on Reflections of Myself

  1. I dont know if anyone else has the same add at the bottom of the pictures
    but mine shows Trump and the Pope side by side.
    “Reflections of Myself” my butt.

    Thanks Ms. C.

  2. Without looking it up, who knows what species of duck is in that first picture?
    Winner gets 20 “Jethro” bucks….

  3. Jrt
    Not Mallard

    Sot a lot od duck (had many great Labs to go get ’em for me!) never recall that.

  4. @Jarhead
    Same with me. I had a suspicion but I was wrong.
    Hint – It is a North American species. Not foreign.

  5. Thanks Claudia!
    How many hours has that black cat sat there pondering what that is on the other side?…

  6. Great pics, Claudia, thank you. The kitty pic reminds me of the fun we’ve had as parents holding our own kids up to the mirror when they were babies, and the spark of recognition and smiles when they realized, “Hey, mom, that’s YOU there, and you’re HERE, too! But if that’s you there, then that also must be….ME! Look! It’s meeeeee!”

    Kids are as much fun as pets, if you know how to handle them 😉

  7. Claudia — I’m not sure how to count the pictures. Dee’s is #6. Is her pic the turtles or the croc?

  8. Ok, for some reason the first image (the one shown on the front page) didn’t migrate to the actual post. It usually does, so I checked and it should have, but didn’t. Weird.

    Anyway, to answer AA about how to number the images, the first one is 1 and the rest go down left to right. So, Dee’s pic (#6) are the turtles on the log and my Zoe kitty is #10.

    Sorry if that’s confusing. I’ll make sure that the first image comes thru next week.

  9. Jethro, Zoe liked to watch herself in the mirror when she was young. She lost interest when the “other” kitty wouldn’t play with her!

    And the duck pics, that first one (that I just put up) is not true color but a green tint. I’m sure it’s a female mallard. I thought the other two were also, but I’ve never seen one with that ring around the neck. Do you know what it is?

  10. Thank you once again Claudia. I always look forward to the Sunday Critter pictures.

  11. The first one is not a female mallard.
    Since nobody is going to bite on my challenge I will give it up.
    It is a female mottled duck.
    People confuse them with female mallards and another breed called black duck. It is a completely different breed which doesn’t have the purple patch on the wing that mallards and black ducks have. You won’t them find where you live, but BFH should be able to.
    Don’t feel bad. I wasn’t sure until I looked it up.
    They taste the same.

  12. A marvelous bird is the pelican…

    His bill can hold more than his belican…

    I don’t know how the helican…

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