Rep. Devin Nunes’ full opening statement on whistleblower complaint

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  1. Love Nunes (California boy, neighbors with Victor Davis Hanson) but a Cicero or a Demosthenes he’s not, unlike Doub Collins or Jim Jordan.

    You can bicker with the strategy, call it for what it is; dishonest, divisive, duplicitous, but I think it’s all they got. Their candidates are crap, their ideas unpopular and dangerous, smearing and threatening impeachment is the only arrow in their quiver.

    And I say “threatening” because here too their lack of courage precludes them from actually voting on it. We can expect endless impeachment investigations, endless sideshow theater congressional hearings, and endless lies from their butt buddies in the MSM.

    The tactic, as dishonorable as it is, just might work. While at the gym yesterday I noticed both CNN and MSNBC running chyrons on the screen declaring Trump guilty of impeachable offenses in his leaked phone call to the Ukranian president. For the low information voter who glances and reads the screen on his way to the Stairmaster, or at the grocery store check out line with the local rag running a false headline, this is the only news they get. If the papers and the TV says Trump is a crook, it must be true, better to vote for the other guy.

  2. It’s disturbing that such a small percentage of the American people will actually hear any of this great summary, since most of the media is controlled byu the Democrats. Devin Nunes made a clear and concise statement, but most people will just hear that Trump is guilty.


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