Rep. Goodlatte: Comey’s lack of memory was ‘truly stunning’



House Judiciary Committee chair calls the former FBI director’s testimony ‘disappointing and disturbing’ on ‘Fox & Friends.’


13 Comments on Rep. Goodlatte: Comey’s lack of memory was ‘truly stunning’

  1. Now they need to go back through everything he has ever written/said and if he answered anything remotely similar at anytime then charge him with felony perjury or lying to congress

  2. Ok this is so far beyond a bunch of bullshit. This lying, treasonous bastard needs a few months, or until his “memory” improves, shackled in the stockade, with bread and water.

  3. Trump needs to come out and say that since no one involved seems to know what happened I have no choice but to release ALL of the FISA documents. And if the UK and Australia have a problem with that then tough shit!

  4. It’s stunning how ‘surprised’ congress is by ANOTHER stonewalling demoncrat! How stupid are they? Cortez fits right in.

  5. “Did you know about Rosenstein wanting to wear a wire to secretly record President Trump?”

    “I don’t remember.”

    “Have you ever used your anus as a roach motel where gerbils check in but they don’t check out?”

    “Cabo. 10/13/17 at 11:43 a.m. and also on 12/8/18 at 9:28 p.m., with 5′ 4″ Carlos Beatmymeatado, he weighs 94.3 lbs., at The Hilton, room 104. He wore pink running shorts with purple trim and smelled of Old Spice musk deodorant and stale Cuban tobacco. He had a blsck tatoo across his ass in Comic Sans font that read, ‘Born Loose.'”

  6. The Clinton defense, works only for lefties. Republicans or Conservatives use it, its considered obstruction or perjury.

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