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Reporter Hit by ’95MPH Line Drive’

I felt bad about this reporter, until I read a tidbit dropped in at the end of the story.


Colorado Rockies TV reporter Kelsey Wingert says she is recovering after a foul ball hit her in the head during Monday’s game in Denver. “I took a 95 MPH line drive to my head,” she tweeted Wednesday night, sharing a photo of her stitches. The 29-year-old, who works for AT&T Sportsnet Rocky Mountain, was in the first-base camera well when the foul ball hit by the San Francisco Giants’ Austin Slater in the ninth inning struck her in the forehead, USA Today reports. Wingert says she was treated in the hospital for five hours, reports People.

“I’m very lucky it wasn’t worse,” Wingert says. “It was just really scary and bummed me out given the circumstances.” She says doctors hope the scar won’t be too bad when she gets married next month. USA Today reports that Wingert suffered a fractured eye socket in 2018 when she was hit by a foul ball while covering the Atlanta Braves



She was hit in the eye once before?

Maybe she’s not the best reporter to have down on the field. She seems to not pay attention when the ball is at it’s most dangerous. I’d say that that is a skill that must be learned, but she’s proven she doesn’t learn.

Sorry, I’m being so harsh. But, seriously, I am thinking of the player who is doing his job, only to potentially have a lifetime of guilt because this bubblehead is not paying attention.

“In 2018, Wingert, who covered the Atlanta Braves for Fox Sports at the time, was struck while standing in the camera well past the Braves’ first base dugout. Odubel Herrera of the Philadelphia Phillies grounded the foul in the seventh inning that hit her. She suffered a fractured eye socket.

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  1. Make her baseball’s equivalent to the driving range ball collection guy, who everyone totally aims for, and make a side game out of it. If she gets hit by a ball, then the player gets an automatic home run and everyone gets a free team tchotchke. Would make baseball interesting to watch at least.

  2. You only get just so many lucky breaks in life, must be she’s used her’s all up.

  3. She’s a moron who has no business being in that position — but diversity. She’s never played baseball and has no business being there

    Seriously — that’s her job? Live reporter at baseball games? She reports on what exactly? The refreshments being served in the dugout? I guess it’s one of those on field reporter deals that just isn’t interesting.

    It sounds irrelevant and boring and something you would assign some guy who is a sports nerd, and pay him dirt for doing something useless.

  4. I don’t know…95mph gave her about 1/2 second to react; not sure how many sports commentators could react that fast.

  5. Obviously she has never been in an abusive relationship where she had to be told twice not to do that again. Bet after she is married she comes up with 2 black eyes after the honeymoon.

  6. She is a bit slow on the uptake.

    FWIW, I was at a hockey game and this redhead who was yapping he entire game took a slap shot to the forehead. It knocked her five feet out of her seat. The EMTs wheeled her out on a gurney. Her husband stayed for the rest of the game. He said I’m not a doctor. I can’t do anything for her. I think he just wanted a little peace and quiet.


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