Sean Spicer To Compete On Dancing With The Stars

After a year long hiatus, “Dancing With the Stars” returns this fall with 12 new contestants from sports, modeling, music, television and politics. This year, Sean Spicer will try to wow the judges with his moves, despite the opposition to his participation. Here

9 Comments on Sean Spicer To Compete On Dancing With The Stars

  1. Tammy Bruce nailed it. They are afraid he will be non-political and likable. The narrative that everyone in Trump’s circle is evil and deplorable will take a hit.

  2. Thirdtwin, I love his tweets. Hilarious, after all these years, how people still don’t realize it’s a parody account!

  3. I have a skit that will win.
    I garontee it.
    Can they stage a spinning duet on segway podiums?
    Is that allowed?
    NPCs at 11.

  4. I wonder if he’ll last beyond the first round, and if the audience will boo him… 🙄


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