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Shopper Gets Banned From Walmart – NATIONWIDE – For Open Carry

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One of the officers reprimands the shopper and asks if he “realizes what he has done.”

What he “done” is absolutely nothing against the law. The officers agree, but the legal open carrier caused them to have the panicky manager call the police out to the store, and “that puts the public in danger.”

I mean no disrespect to the entirety of the police, but this guy is a complete phucknuckle, not at all picking up on the irony of his own dumbassery.

What he’s telling the guy is “when we’re not available, because we’re doing this, the public is in danger because they can’t protect themselves.”

What a friggin’ clueless idiot.

In fact, at one point he lectures the guy by asking “are you not aware there was a mass shooting at a Walmart?”

The guy says, wryly, “yeah, that’s why I’m carrying.”

This country is doomed because PEOPLE ARE STUPID!

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  1. The purpose of government is to act superior to us mere peons and to put us in our places. The government is not here to act on our behalf.

    They can just go and engage in self intercourse.

  2. Open carry = Impress girls, trigger libs, and inform Bad Guy.
    Concealed carry = Quiet confidence and element of surprise.

    Carry for protection, not to make a point.

  3. Do you people realize that the “Sh!t Hit The Fan” with the first Red Flag law adopted by the states? When everyone has been disarmed, your only weapon will be a can of soup and a freeze-dried ice cream sandwich.

    Good luck, America.

  4. Wasn’t it at a Walmart that someone was freaked out by a black guy looking at BB gun (for sale at said Walmart) and called the police? The police got there and shot first, asked questions later.

    These are the people we are supposed to trust with our lives?

  5. When Walmart quit supporting 2A, I didn’t speak up. When Walmart quit selling donuts, there was no one left to speak for me.

  6. Oh big whoop. Banned from Walmart. He can still shop online, anyway.
    I mean, BFD. They only sell shit 33 cents cheaper than Target does anyway. lol.

    Last time I was at Walmart, there was a ‘healthy’ 8 year old girl resting her plump ass in the dairy case.

  7. The left is having more success with gun control than Trump is getting the fence done.
    With the help of the media americans are terrified of guns. This isn’t a good trend.

  8. gin blossom – May be. But I noticed that some of the (state) proposed gun laws were remixes of the ones already in the books. In other words, they’re going to pass X bill so they can enforce it. *wink wink* not really. Must look busy!

  9. Walmart has found an effective tool to ban customers from their stores, real good business move, sheetheads. It worked so well for Dick.’s sporting goods.

  10. I’m curious to fast forward to walmart’s next profit and loss statement to its shareholders. Although most of their shoppers are not information hounds like this crowd, I suspect a quiet boycott may occur.

    I already don’t shop there. I try not to get my food where they sell tires and brassieres. Kind of a thing for me.

  11. I was thinking about their recent antics when I decided to shop elsewhere this weekend. I just don’t really GAS much where I pick up groceries or houseware items, and I was going right past Walmart and it would have been easy to stop in but I went to Winco instead.

  12. In fact, at one point he lectures the guy by asking “are you not aware there was a mass shooting at a Walmart?”

    “No, I didn’t realize I was required to read newspapers or listen to the news coverage before I was allowed to shop in your store.”

    And either put the “No Guns” sign on your front door or fuck right off, I don’t care which.

  13. Same thing that is happening at Walmart is happening at Fox News. The next generation, the succcessors, who were raised in affluence, haven’t a clue and are destroying the brand.

  14. “….call the police out to the store, and “that puts the public in danger.”

    So “timkin” you are saying that your presence in the store is putting people in danger? Lecture somebody else son, We have a right to carry, especially when you pussies are 11 minutes away.

  15. Join USCCA

    You wouldn’t legally drive a car w/o insurance would you?
    Then why do you legally carry w/o insurance?

    God forbid, even if you legally and rightfully use your gun to protect yourself, you WILL have legal costs involved. If you kill the perpetrator, even if they are 100% guilty, it could cost well over $100,000 in lawyer fees. Especially if some scum bag lawyer represents the family. With USCCA I have $2.5 million dollars in coverage and 24 hour bond and legal representation.

    Be smart.

  16. The hell are these idiots open carrying in the first place? Conceal that ish. Why?


    Why do you carry? To protect yourself or make a statement?

    I carry to protect myself and my family. I don’t give a fuck what some anti gun sticker on the window of an establishment says. How they gonna’ know I’m strapped? They wont unless you’re the kind of douchebag that walks around with a blicky on your hip.

    Again, is your gat a tool or a statement? Conceal it and go about your business.

  17. If you carry on a regular basis, how many rounds have you shot this year on a range? Handgun skills are ‘brittle’. They suffer terribly from neglect.

    Professional coaching from a non-poser, non dipshit is well worth the money.

    Remember this, if you have to use a handgun in extremis, you’re going to be freaked out, adrenaline charged, and scared. That makes tying shoes almost impossible. If you don’t have current practiced skills with that gun you may well shoot yourself or a bystander.

    You OWE other people to be able to use that tool without hurting them.

    Now, go forth, expend rounds in good training. And if you’re shooting .45ACP, God bless you each and every one.

  18. From Aaron: “Lowell should be upgraded to an executive parking spot at this place.”

    Fur did that years ago. I have a key to the executive washroom too. But even better, he puts up with my shit when I’m crowding or over a line. For that I’m thankful.

  19. At Walmart, I’m not scared of Open Carry shoppers. I’m frightened by fat customers with Open Butt Cheeks and Open Balls.

  20. Let’s see: Obama son with a concealed stolen weapon and zero value for life or property, or an Open Carry Trump supporter….

  21. “At Walmart, I’m not scared of Open Carry shoppers. I’m frightened by fat customers with Open Butt Cheeks and Open Balls.”

    Open Balls? Open Balls? WTF is that?

  22. I didn’t catch where that took place but here in VA it is legal to open carry without jumping through any hoops. If you choose to conceal (I did) then you must take a class (average cost $75), pay $50 to the clerk of the court, submit a form to the clerk of the court, go down to the sheriff’s office to be fingerprinted and then wait a few weeks till your permit arrives…. or you are declined. Yeah it has its costs and I endured them during the “one gun per month” bs because permit holders didn’t count. AND there really is no GOOD reason to go around making fools uncomfortable.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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