Teacher loses job for flag stomping in class


According to a student in the class, Parmenter was using a small American flag as a pointer for a chart and when the student said it was “disrespectful,” the teacher “said he then made what he says was the rash decision of dropping the flag to the floor and stepping on it to illustrate an example of free speech as part of the lesson that day,” according to the Journal Gazette.

“We can’t figure out why he actually went to the simulations of actually doing it,” Jonathon Smith, a senior at the school, was quoted as saying by TristateHomePage.com last month.




14 Comments on Teacher loses job for flag stomping in class

  1. I say we round up a few war vets.. someone needs to hold him down while the vets stomp on the guys face, with their combat boots..

  2. Not clear why he was fired, thought the Supremes OK’d flag stomping. Its not like a local school has any say.

  3. Whether or not you think that stomping on the flag is his right, it is clearly true that the school board was totally justified in firing him for being too stupid to hold a teaching job.

  4. I have mixed feelings about this. I don’t approve of the flag stomping at all, but I think a sincere apology to the students, the school, and the parents would have been more appropriate than dismissal. Everyone has bad days, and I suspect school teachers have more of them than most people. Between the excessive permissiveness toward students on the one hand and the rampant forced political correctness on the other, I sure wouldn’t want the job. I salute those who are dedicated enough (and tough enough) to do it.

    P.S. – If he was stupid enough to do something like that again, then I’d fire him.

  5. Imagine what would have happened if he had stomped on the Gay Pride Rainbow flag. Hell, for that he would have been lynched. Anyway, I normally would agree with VietVet about being given a second chance but the days of turning the other cheek are over. Like it or not the conservatives can no longer afford it after the last few days of SCOTUS rulings.

  6. Seems like good kids in that class….the ability to see the disrespect toward the flag and the courage to speak up to authority.

  7. golly what free speech issue got raised last May. golly what was it

    oh, yeah, Pamela Geller’s Celebrate Free Speech by drawing pedo Mohamhead Day – if you’re offended at MY display of “free speech,” DO NOT LET ANYBODY commit free speech that anyone finds offensive…. K?…mKay, then

  8. Guerilla tactics for this sort of crap. We need to start thinking and acting like this, BTW

    if someone tries to stomp or set fire to an American flag to illustrate some bullshit point about free expression, you immediately grab the flag and and put out the fire or hold it for safekeeping. Then you say I am using my right to free expression to proclaim that the flag should not be desecrated under any circumstances

    Then watch how much the progg-tard values “free expression.”

  9. Also, I’d like to add that the Mattoon Journal Gazette is a leftist rag that caters to leftist professors at Eastern Illinois University at Charleston. I used to post there, but they censored more of my posts than they allowed. Their discussion board is populated by a couple of resident leftist halfwits who the paper never censors. If you want to have fun sometime, try trolling there.


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