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Site Note

Notice that we’ve added some bonus links on the top left sidebar. What shall we call it? Suggestions in the comments. Top thumbed-up suggestions will be seriously considered.

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  1. Counting Clockwise From Bottom Left

    01 – Led Zeppelin 1969
    02 – Buffalo Springfield
    03 – (See Foot Notes)
    04 – Led Zeppelin 4
    05 – Jefferson Starship Red
    06 – The Animals
    07 – The Doors
    08 – Donovan
    09 – Crosby, Stills & Nash
    10 – The Doors
    11 – Volunteers
    12 – Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti
    13 – De (See Foot Notes)
    14 – The Youngbloods
    15 – Wish You Were Here
    16 – Abbey Road
    17 – Aqualung
    18 – Live
    19 – (See Foot Notes)
    20 – Yes
    21 – Fragile
    22 – Aja

    FOOT NOTES: Three of a Perfect Pair

  2. @BFH — Is there an easy way to include the comment count in the new sidebar the way we see it for mainline articles? It would be a nicety but doesn’t merit any significant effort to implement.

  3. Title the section Slim Pickens with a thumbnail of Major Kong riding the bomb.

    (For those few who don’t recognize the reference, it’s from the end of Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, where actor Slim Pickens as SAC Major Kong frees a jammed H-bomb from the bomb bay of his B-52 and ends up (!) riding the bomb down to detonate over the USSR.)

  4. How about a regular series for Fridays, “Friday Night Fights”?

    Nothing too contentious;

    Coke vs. Pepsi
    Cardio vs. Strength training
    Glenlivet vs. Glenfiddich
    licorice vs. chocolate
    Japanese vs. German cars
    All in the Family vs. Cheers
    Bruce Lee vs. Michael Jai White
    Led Zepplin vs. Queen
    Stormy Daniels (in her prime) vs. Karen McDugal
    Camping vs. 4-star hotels
    Taking S.S. at 62 vs. taking it at 68
    Russian women vs. Ukrainian women
    And one that I just saw on the internet last week, have sex with a 75-year-old woman vs. sex with the best-looking trans woman

    The possibilities are endless.

  5. Five Minutes to Midnight

    From the Twilight Zone episode: ‘The Midnight Sun’

    The word that Mrs. Bronson is unable to put into the hot, still, sodden air is ‘doomed,’ because the people you’ve just seen have been handed a death sentence. One month ago, the Earth suddenly changed its elliptical orbit and in doing so began to follow a path which gradually, moment by moment, day by day, took it closer to the sun. And all of man’s little devices to stir up the air are now no longer luxuries—they happen to be pitiful and panicky keys to survival. The time is five minutes to twelve, midnight. There is no more darkness. The place is New York City and this is the eve of the end, because even at midnight it’s high noon, the hottest day in history, and you’re about to spend it in the Twilight Zone.

  6. It would be cool if they dropped into the Main Feed as a new Thread whenever their Shrinky Links shift down or out or what?

    Added Records , Pre-Views , Pre-Comment Tree

    Spork Work

  7. I always appreciate the hard work you folks put. Also, iotw is among my favorite sites, the style and the reporting is awesome.
    Whatever you name the section, I’m good with that.
    Thanks folks.

  8. Sausage Links
    Links – off course they are.
    Sausage – have you ever seen what goes into sausage? Just about everything – horns, hooves, dinx, you name it.


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