American Irony

11 Comments on Sniping

  1. this guy reminds me of the recent story of the mansion rented to gay porno producers, where there was a lot of leading from behind

    we let him into the white house, and he has since completeley defiled the place with every kind of insult and depravity

    god damn this embarrassing empty suit

    i miss combat

  2. barry looks like he’s peeing in that picture. His condescension and arrogance know no bounds. Behind the cover of the American flag he’s peeing on everything and thinks he’s being funny doing it. I can hardly wait to see the naked emperor totally exposed, it’s got to come soon because we’ve had had enough of this cowardly chicken shit presidunce.

  3. It was never hidden that he was the spawn of a whore of a mother and a Kenyan Mau Mau degenerate father, raised by communists and stewed in anti-American juices his entire pathetic life! He got elected anyway!

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