Take the POLL – Reaction to Trump’s Address to Congress

POLL President Trump Address to Congress – Liked? Disliked?

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36 Comments on Take the POLL – Reaction to Trump’s Address to Congress

  1. I thought he would hit it out of the park, the ball was last seen escaping the earth’s gravitational field headed towards Jupiter!

  2. Well I expected the Dems to protest sitting on their hands. I am from PA and I saw Toomey joining in with them quite a few times. I’d like to get a word with him, Pat, buddy, stand with Trump and I will stand with you the next time you are up, if not guess what.

  3. I think Trump is great. He doesn’t care if asshole democrats hate him. He’s not a fucking pussy. He promises big visions that allow the public to think of life beyond the non-stop dreariness of the democrat vision of perpetual misery and race baiting. The democrats must absolutely hate his fucking guts now, but they still don’t won’t give him credit for being a brilliant politician and leader. Trump is about to drive a wedge between blacks and the democratic party with his agendas for border enforcement and school choice. Blacks that aren’t brainwashed losers will quickly see the advantage of opening up the job market to motivated blacks.

  4. tonight we witnessed the beginning of the Trump presidency

    he will unite the citizens of the United States in a way that hasn’t been seen since Reagan

    … this is why the democRats are upset & opposed … their power is waning & they don’t like it

  5. Yeah, I believe Schumer did shit his pants. And Debbie shit her panties, And Cummings sharted more than once, and Pelosi farted several times. Thank goodness Waters didn’t show up. I really pity that cleanup crew. Being a working man.

  6. Good. Awesome moment when he started to talk about HIS guests, the families of victims of illegals, the whole Dem side groaned as their guests, The Dreamers, got royally bitch slapped.

  7. My point was Trump did not say:
    uuuugghh ummm uh mmm uhh uugghh me me me IIII ummm uh me me me I I I I me I umm ugh ummm

    That’s what obola says

  8. I only counted 40 uses of the word, “I”; 13 uses of “my” and one reference to “me”

    I’d say he was at least half the narcissist that obama is.

  9. @Moe Tom –PolitOpinon is Mr. Pinko’s site. You’re old and I’m old. Don’t know how to get any clearer.

  10. they should have kept a camera on schumers face the whole time.

    the republican should make a poster of his face during trumps speech and sell it on e-bay for a fund raiser.

    it was priceless !

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