Ted Cruz Plan – Win On First Ballot in Cleveland. HOW?

It was explained on the Megyn Kelly show.

Cruz wants to go to Cleveland with as many delegates as possible eeked out in the primaries.

The he wants the delegates that are unbound on the first ballot to give him their support.

Then he willΒ convince Rubio to hand himΒ his delegates.

The hope being that heΒ would “slingshot” past Trump on the very first ballot, winning a majority.


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  1. Ted read “Art Of The Deal” and understands how the delegate system works, and is making it pure art. Trump thinks winning the plurality of votes is how you win. Ted is right, Trump is wrong.

  2. See, now, this is the crap that really sucks. If Trump has 1100 votes, and Cruz has 900 votes but he wins an open convention, people think it is a rigged game. IT IS NOT! A plurality does not win you the nomination! People, don’t let the MSM make you think an open convention is evil!

  3. “If he does that I won’t vote period.”

    IOW If Cruz wins the nomination by what ever means necessary, you won’t vote period?

    That is fucking brilliant!

  4. via Tweet machine:
    DT: Having to get 1237 Delegates For the Nomination is ‘Very Unfair’ .

    Commence with the WHINING, er, negotiations – #SoProud

  5. Damn it people! You want Hillary or Bernie to select our next 3 or 4 Supreme Court Justices? If Cruz out maneuvers Trump I will vote for him. If Trump out maneuvers Cruz I will vote for him. Bear in mind I cans stand Trump. Can conservatives ever stop being self destructive purists and giving it to the Democrats?

  6. Trump has the same ability to court those delegates. If he can’t close the deal and Cruz can then he deserves it.

  7. We should be concentrating more on ridding ourselves of Rove and Prince Anus, I mean Reince Preibus, than fighting over which candidate has more delegates.

    Rid yourselves of the puppeteers, first.

  8. The Electoral College is there so that states that would otherwise have meaningless input get a say in the general election. Plurality of votes should apply in the primaries for both parties. IMHJMO. This contested convention ? sets up bad blood and is too open for corruption.

  9. Question: If Cruz is really a Trojan Horse (as Trump asserted) for the establishment, why does the establishment hate him so much?

    The left often accuses others of what they themselves are guilty of perpetrating, and I’ve often speculated that Trump could be a Hillary appointed spoiler.

    Think about it. Trump has admitted that he never thought he’d get so far in this election which could explain why he has gotten away with using 110% of his power offending everyone with his “controversial” comments.

    Then again, what if this whole thing is just kabuki theater played for the people’s entertainment while nefarious stuff is going on in the background behind closed doors?

    7 more months of this bullshit.

  10. Doesn’t it make sense that Rubio would try to deliver his delegates to Cruz after Trump’s “little Rubio” derogatory and dismissive commentary? Using the red meat you throw to your supporters to slap the rest of the field is not smart. There is a way to win an election without making his competitors loath him. It was a tactical mistake on Trump’s part.

  11. Tsunami, Hopefully I’m financially independent soon. if that’s the case, hopefully Cruz is elected so you can fianally see the same ole shit sandwich. Chalk it up to a learning experience. I know you are smarter than what you write.

  12. Brad,

    They say, “through suffering comes wisdom”. I’ve lived through this before.

    The bottom line is that I’m still scrutinizing both candidates.

    Oh, and fuck Kasich. Kasich is like having Bill O’Reilly run for President. O’Reilly is also one of those “smartest guys in the room” types.

  13. Brad,

    …and furthermore, tonight’s Trump speech blaming talk radio and other things was very reminiscent of Obama blaming his shitty performance on Bush even though talk radio’s Michael Savage was pumping him up all week long.

    Cry me a fuckin’ river, Donald. Grow up.

    Let’s see how Trump picks himself up over the next week or two. Cruz has put enough pressure on him that I think he’ll have to announce who his vice pick will be in order to reassert his perceived favorability.

    I think Donald’s fear will manifest itself in even more viscous personal attacks and accusations in the future.

  14. well all that being said, I will go with Einstein’s theory of politics.
    being that there is only one choice different than the rest I will have to go with the different choice to keep from doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.
    when you elect whomever from the rest of the “professional ‘cfr’ politicians” and the course of the country remains on the same track it is currently I will not be the one banging my head against the table asking why?

    seriously what’s the difference between cruz and clinton or sanders and cruz? are not all three crooked lawyers and professional politicians?

    at least trump seems to be crazy enough to try to accomplish what he promises not like the rest who will do what they have been paid to do.

    here comes TPP, gun control and amnesty no matter which professional politician gets in.

  15. —If he does that I won’t vote period.—

    It’s fair game, and now Trump has Paul Manafort to try to offset and stop it. My only hope is that its not a brokered convention, if Cruz can get the delegates before the convention good on him

  16. The colossal ignorance on the part of most Trump supporters as to how the Republican nomination process works, actually asking that it work the way the Democrat process operates, is the smoking gun proving that, in substantial numbers, they are not Republicans. They are outside agitators.

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