The “Coveted” Bob Dole Endorsement Goes To…

Donald Trump managed to garner not only the support of Sarah Palin recently, but also has hearty support of former longtime Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole.


But Mr. Dole, 92, said he thought Mr. Trump could “probably work with Congress, because he’s, you know, he’s got the right personality and he’s kind of a dealmaker.”


In my personal opinion, that’s not a positive for Mr. Trump.

21 Comments on The “Coveted” Bob Dole Endorsement Goes To…

  1. Whew! What a relief that must be for the Trump campaign. I’m sure everyone was breathlessly waiting to see what direction Ol’ Bob was leaning. I wonder if that was more of an GOPe vote against Cruz than a thumb (with a pen in it) up for Trump.

  2. If I knew that praising my enemy in a certain way will make those that support him worried, maybe causing a loss of support for him – I’m going to praise him. Just a few days before this Cruz was saying that Trump was liberal. It’s part of the game to do this stuff.

    Anyway, politics is all about the deal, either you come out with something good, or you get the shaft. We have been getting shafted by our guys for the longest time, so it wouldn’t be too horrible to have deals go OUR way for a change. And by “our”, I mean the everyday people. Us. The ones the established politicians look down at. Do we want a guy in there who doesn’t know how to deal, or won’t? So what we will gain from – nothing?

  3. Not a Kiss of Death but certainly no help.

    Do these guys ever go away? His nomination in 96 was my awakening that there were those in power that could not have cared less for us pee-ons. Lord, what a god-awful campaign.

  4. The overwhelming majority of those who will vote have no idea who Dole is. This simply doesn’t mean squat outside our political junkie world.

  5. That’s a bug, not a feature. IF Trump wins the presidency and has a proposal to make America great again, Cruz will work hard to help make it happen. If Senator Cruz has a great proposal, Trump will cross the isle to the GOPe and Dems and ask, “Hey, what do you guys think?” If Billary wins we all lose and we are stuck with Rosanne and Whoopee living here. God help !

  6. As for Trump being a deal-maker, remember that he is famous for making deals with terms favorable to himself and his interests. Closing a deal doesn’t necessarily mean compromising principles in the style of Ryan or Boehner or McConnell.

  7. Heck, all the deals obama has made were made on terms favorable to himself and his interests.

    With the help of boehner, ryan, mcCONnel, other progressive establishment republicans and the reid/schumer democrats, obama didn’t have to compromise his marxist/socialist principles.

    These are the same progressive elitists and socialists (majority in the house and senate) the next president will have to “deal” with.

    Can trump, cruz or any president turn the progressive/socialist tide sweeping the US?

    We’ll soon see.

  8. Who says the GOP hasn’t refined the ‘dead voter’ LIBERAL tactic, by using a dead or really aged GOP endorsement?

  9. Yeah, Donnie-boy! Do them deals, Dude! Just like the scum-sucking low-life traitors working with the commie-lib Dems to end the country are now! Lay some truth on them, dear old Dole.

    I, personally don’t think giving the enemy part of what they want every time they whine is called “Victory”, I think it’s called “Treason”.

  10. Well, Al, that’s pretty relative. Mentally, he hasn’t been alive in wayyyy too many a year. Just another useless RINO that ran a shitty Presidential campaign like Romney and McCain.


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