The Donald Will Have To Answer For “Trump U”

Founded in 2005, and now called The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, Trump University has been charged with being a “bait and switch scheme” that bilked “more that 5,000 people to pay up to $35,000.”



Students were initially signed-up for seminars at $1,495 and then encouraged to further participate in the “$24,995 Trump Gold Elite mentorship package.”


New Your Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is pursuing a fraud suit representing 600 Trump University students. That suit is pending in New York State Supreme Court. There are also two suits in California.

Donald Trump, has called Schneiderman a “sleazebag” and “lowlife.” The New York State Ethic Commission however dropped Trump’s complaint against Schneiderman on August 30th.

I would expect Trump to have to respond to these allegations at the next debate.


12 Comments on The Donald Will Have To Answer For “Trump U”

  1. How does $1495 and $24,995 equal $35,000?

    Also, if you knew the $1495 three day seminar was a scam, what made you think $24,995 or whatever wasn’t a scam?

  2. Gee…what a “shock!” that a NEW YORK AG is going after Trump.

    And…what a COINCIDENCE that NOW, all of a sudden, this is a “media discovery”!

    I can’t WAIT to hear what they dig up on Hillary, Bernie, Joe, Fauxcahontas and the rest.



  3. One year at UNC costs $24,000 for in state and $41,000 for out of state. Student loans can’t be discharged in bankruptcy and many of the degrees have the same value as Trump U

    Sounds like Trump U was a bargain.

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