The Jurassic Zoo Meme

With the first certified Summer blockbuster, Jurassic World, zookeepers around the world are having some fun applying some of the movie’s animal training techniques on their charges.

The keepers are recreating a scene where three velociraptors are being trained by their handler.

Some of the pictures being posed are silly, well executed or down right dangerous.




8 Comments on The Jurassic Zoo Meme

  1. the “Tyrannosaurus Squatch” can be viewed on special occasions when she’s either on vacation or living in the White House.. hope this helps!

  2. For a real challenge he should try that act at Wal Mart on Black Friday when the Bull Ghetto Queens are all warmed up.

    The walrus are good practice, although they are better looking than many Wal Mart shoppers…

  3. Was trying to figure out which one of those beauties occupies the Robinson Wing of the White House. That subliminal B in the back ground didn’t fool me one bit. I’m going with #3.

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