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The Left Is Eating Itself

Frontpage: In the hot days of summer, the progressive revolution that took over cities and even the national government is frenziedly devouring itself.

hillary huma 2

The media is pounding away at Hillary Clinton, not because it cares about her foundation’s dirty deals or the contents of her email server, but because it doesn’t trust her ideological commitment. If the media were sure of that, both stories would have been treated like Benghazi; mocked, ridiculed, falsely fact checked and then buried in a haunted Indian graveyard under the New York Times building at midnight.

Instead the media pined for Elizabeth Warren. When the Native American Rachel Dolezal declined to jump into the race, they switched their allegiance to Bernie Sanders; a senile Socialist who fondly reminisces about 90% tax rates. Now Ready for Warren is throwing its support behind Bernie.  more

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  1. That photo with it’s caption, coupled with the headline, are grounds for a quick round of eye bleach!

  2. I have a question? My wife works with a gal who says she has to draw a bath for her husband. I have never heard of such a thing. They are both in there 40’s and are triathlon runners. In other words their health is perfect.
    Do any women here draw a bath for their husbands? I’m over 60 and have no problem taking a bath by my self. My mother never did this for my father and he would not expect her too.

  3. Maybe someone on The Left will finally realize that RICO statutes were written for corrupt criminal organizations like… The Clinton Foundation!

    That would be what, a five year trial? Can you see Chelsea turning state’s witness and then trying to hide that mug in witness protection? One day while standing in line at The Piggly Wiggly out here in Fly-Over Land®, she’d drop the, “Do YEWWW know who I am?” line, and they’d have to be moved, once again!

    Ahhhh…. one can dream.

  4. There are a lot of men in older generations that left their mommies for wives that would treat them like their mommies did.
    It is amazing how some men are helpless without a woman to cook, clean, etc…

  5. If I told my wife to get the bathwater set up for me, she’d include a connected blow dryer in the deep end.

    Honestly, I can’t imagine sitting in a bathtub if you’re over the age where toy boats and plastic army men are the main attraction of bath time. A nice shower can be cooled or heated to match your mood, and in a pinch, you can take a quick “Navy shower” and still get ten times cleaner than a sits bath.

  6. FTA:

    “This is just the media’s ploy to push Hillary harder and farther to the left. But it’s hard to know how far out there she can go without putting on a big fur hat and belting out The Internationale and the more leftward she moves, the less electable she becomes as she sheds independents and white voters.”

  7. @Jerry – If drawing a bath means running a tub full of water with some bath beads, then I have done that for my husband. Just because I wanted to pamper him, not because it was expected of me. If he demanded I do it, I probably wouldn’t. 😉 Besides, he usually always takes showers, not baths. TMI?

  8. I like getting in the jacuzzi and letting it peel layers of my dead skin off. It works wonders for that.

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